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Dec 18, 2007 05:45 PM

Best Caesar (not the Salad) in Toronto

We are looking for the best Spicy Caesar in Toronto. So far Hair of the Dog and the Keg (Keg Sized) are the winners. Anyone recommend any where else?

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  1. I'm a Caesar fanatic and I'm always looking for a great one. Still looking for the best one myself, but I did have a really bad one at Czehoski a few weeks ago. It tasted kind of sweet, so I asked what was in it and they told me red wine. Wine? In a Caesar? Wierd, not in a good way.

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    1. re: acd123

      I would have sent it back if it didn't taste good. You ordered a Caesar which does not include red wine. If they want to start adding red wine to a caesar (god knows why they would) then they should call it something different.

      1. re: camp1980

        Had to reply to this, even though it's 8 months old. Just had dinner at Czehoski (excellent). Both my wife and I ordered the Czehoski Caesar which explicitly on the menu indicates that they add a "splash" of red wine to it (as well as fresh horseradish and all the other normal ingredients). Both of us thought it was a fantastic twist on the usual drink, and I Googled it immediately when I got home to see if I could find a recipe. What I came across was this Chowhound posting. :)

        Anyway, I realize it's not your standard Caesar, but in our opinion it wasn't "really bad" by any means. Quite the opposite, and I'd recommend it to anyone who's interested in creative alternatives to standard cocktails in Toronto.

    2. Paddok and Beaconsfield fit the bill for me. It is a drink that depends greatly on who is bartending though.

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        I second dee on the Padock, my best was at Bamboo (RIP)...

      2. I like the caesars from the Irish Embassy. I get them with extra lime and pickled beans. Yum.

        1. Try replacing vodka with tequila. makes it the best ceasar ever. sigh. summer.

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          1. re: gastronom

            I was at a party last week and had a really good caesar. Horseradish is a no-brainer, but this one had wasabi, and a pickled asparagus spear. Really good one.

            Also, if you like them blow-your-face-off spicy like I do, try infusing your vodka with a couple of thai chilis slit down the side. Let it sit for a day or two and watch it turn a golden colour. Mix with your favourite caesar stuff, and prepare to blast off. Sometimes, it's a little hot for even me, so I dilute the infused vodka with vodka right out of the bottle.

            1. re: acd123

              Not crazy about the infused vodka. Instead I cut up a habanero and put it in. Also habanero horseradish is great.

          2. I really like the "Cajun Caesar" at Big Daddy's. They grate fresh horseradish into the glass and top it off with a crisp pea pod. Delicious!