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Dec 18, 2007 05:42 PM

Favorite NEW restaurants of 2007

There have been a fair number of brand new restaurants opening this year in the area. Which of them have made your personal 'hound list, if any? Since Warthog came up with the idea of top five meals, I thought I'd glom onto that idea and do another 2007 poll. I love finding diamonds in the rough... and I'd value the opportunity to add a few more restaurants to my must-try list, courtesy of your ideas. :) What say you?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I think both Hook and Central were real additions to the DC dining scene for me. My favorite would be Central. The food quality at the price point for Central makes it one of the best new places for me. To be able to go and get an incredible meal and a glass of wine for under $50/pp is getting harder and harder to do, and to be able to do it with this level of food really impressed me.

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        I second Central, and also want to throw in Eric Ripert's WestEnd bistro... I went on their opening weekend and I thought everything we got was fantastic.

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          I was there openeing weekend as well. Of two apps and two mains we ate nothing that we would return for. Nor were we impressed with setting or the service. Make no mistake, if I was walking by at lunch time or staying at the hotel, it would a perfect candidate for a fsatisfactory meal. I am just curious what it is that you ate that you would go out of your way to eat again?

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            Let's see... I really liked the pork pie appetizer, fish burger, and the veal cheeks that we had. It's not the best place I've ever eaten at, but I had a really good experience (service, attentiveness, and the way management the minor delay for our server bringing us menus).

            And, I met Eric Ripert that night and spoke with him.. what can I say, maybe my view of the restaurant is a little skewed- I guess I was a little starstruck, haha!

      2. I would go with Central, Brassiere Beck, Proof and The Source. BB might have opened in 2006, but it was new to me in 2007!

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          oops -- I meant Brasserie...Freudian slip?

        2. Hands down, it's Hook for me! I haven't tried Central and some of the other new restaurants (West End, Marvin, The Source etc), but I absolutly LOVED my meal at Hook.

          I also would give honorable mention to Brasserie Beck. I need to return since I've only had one meal there. But they really have provided something that this town didn't have, and they do it very well.

          And while we are at it, my biggest disappointment in a new restaurant has to go to Station 9. I was expecting a lot since I love Creme so much but was left seriously underwhelmed.

          1. Another vote here for Central. Two visits there have been fantastic: the appetizer tarts (especially the ham and onion) are wonderful, and I loved my beef cheeks and short ribs entrees--and I actually think it's a good value, given the quantity and quality of the food.

            A distant second would be Locanda on Capitol Hill. I have mixed feelings about the price points--some dishes are a better value than others, but most of the food, particularly the pastas, is very well done. It definitely is in the Hill's top tier.

            A RW visit to Cafe du Parc showed good promise, though the atmosphere didn't wow me--it's hard to rate it on the basis of a promotional special. And, on the other end of the cost spectrum, the fish tacos and agua fresca at Tacqueria Nacionale are wonderful.

            At the bottom for me would be Station 9 and Inti. Neither was terrible (well, the seafood stirfry at Inti was close), but neither did they prompt a desire for making a return visit soon.