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Dec 18, 2007 05:17 PM

[MSP] Dara leaving City Pages to boost national profile

Well, there ya go. I guess that explains why she wasn't particularly concerned about maintaining her anonymity when Bourdain was at the Triple Rock. I wonder who will fill the void?

Cheers and good luck, Dara.


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  1. NOOOOOOOO! That's the end of that paper.

    1. Yeah, it's kind of shocking she's been there so long. She could write nationally for any number of respected publications, and should. She'd be daft to not "exploit" that with national clips, books, etc.

      First job out of college? Very lucky girl. She kind of drives me batty with the drively cuteness, but I like her nonetheless. She definitely found a style.

      1. Many times we had to get deep into an article to get past Dara-writing-for-Dara and find the meat of the matter, but we always ended up loving the WRITING, as well as the reportage. Good for Dara, and sad for us in MSP, as we lose someone who writes adventurously about food. (Or simply writes adventurously.)

        We'll sorely miss Dara's input in City Pages . Hope Dan Savage can make up for the loss, or City Pages won't be on our pick-up list.

        Best Wishes to one who will be missed from the Twin Cities journalism scene.

        1. No mention of it in her column today. I was hoping for a hint of what her plans are. I recall that she was awarded a fellowship or grant of some sort at the Loft a year or two ago--I think to work on a novel--and I know she's got this very irregularly updated blog on epicurious/Gourmet. I wonder if she'll keep at that? It's national...but, of course, it's about food... Hopefully she'll give us a hint in her final column...

          Cayjohan, I assume you realize Dan Savage is a syndicated columnist, not local, right? And, of course, he doesn't write about chow. :(

          But, this leaves a giant opportunity for a budding new food writer. I hope they find a promising one. Why not, eh?


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          1. re: The Dairy Queen

            Hmmmm...according to this source, which seems to be affiliated with MPR somehow, she's heading over to MN Monthly


            1. re: The Dairy Queen

              Just a point of clarification:

              Minnpost is not affiliated with MPR - it's a separate organization that just started a daily online newspaper with a floating cast of writers. It focuses on Minnesota issues, but has a little national and international analysis thrown in. My take on Minnpost - a little uneven and I wish they'd only write about regional issues.

              David Brauer is a freelancer who edited the Skyway News and the Southwest Journal. Also wrote for Citypages and is (or was - haven't read it in a while) the moderator for a Minneapolis issues listserv. He's a media critic who's on MPR and has bylines all over town.


          2. Well, there goes that last reason I had for reading Citypages. Hoffman must look like a big dumb kid who took his paper mache toy out into the rain. All he is holding is a wet lump of paper and an expression that whispers, "Wha...What happened?"

            I look forward to whatever Dara does next.

            I bet CP could get Kathy Jenkins if they want! She can write about how great the riblets are in the Applebees in Block E.

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            1. re: Foureyes137

              I hope CP doesn't fill the void with Kathie Jenkins--I think they need to find another young, fresh writer to step and in make the job their own, the way Dara did when she came in.

              I think Kathie is fine where she is at the PiPress. She's best when keeps her head down, out of the local restaurant scene/politics, and just focuses on the fundamentals of reviewing restaurants.


              1. re: The Dairy Queen

                I was being facetious. I would certainly hope they would not make a bad situation worse with that kind of move.