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Dec 18, 2007 04:54 PM

Lunch in Soho or nearby. Dinner near Lincoln Center.

Hey all,
Can I get some recs for a great lunch place in (or walking distance in the cold) of Soho? I tried Balthazar but the reser time was too late. Thinking maybe Aquagrill but I've been there before. Maybe Lupa if I can get (hahaha). My dad wants "really atmosphere-y". By that I think he means different, cool and NY-y. Would going to Tribeca help? Any thoughts?
Also, dinner near Lincoln Center before a show. He thinks O'Neals? And Mozart Cafe for dessert after. Thoughts?
THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Is this on a weekday or weekend? What's your price range?

    1. Pasha for dinner near Lincoln Center- Turkish

      1. Aquagrill is probably the best in the Soho area. I like North Square on Waverly Place opposite Washington Square if that is not too far out of the way for you (I'm assuming weekend, if it's a weekday, there may be more choices). For dinner, how about Compass? The food would be far superior to O'Neals.

        1. My picks for dinner near Lincoln Center would be Compass, Telepan or Picholine.

          1. I agree with rrems that Aquagrill is probably the best (seafood) restaurant around Soho. However, if your dad wants really something a bit more NY-chic and cool, you can try Lure Fishbar. While the food is not as good as aquagrill, it is still decent, and the decor is certainly more chic and impressive. Plus their cocktails are actually quite good!