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Dec 18, 2007 04:27 PM

any good sichuan on the westside?

i have been traveling to LA for years. my sister lives in brentwood. but there never seems to be any good chinese eats.

have i been missing something?

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    1. It might be too far away from you in Brentwood, but Shechuan(sp?) Restaurant on Sepulveda in Manhattan Beach is very good. They are same family that owns Shechuan Res in Torrance on Hawthorne blvd south of Del Amo Mall.

      1. The best Chinese food is found in the Chinese suburbs. Brentwood is not a Chinese suburb. Hence, not the best Chinese food. Hie thee to Monterey Park -- if you time it right it's a 25 minute trip from Sunset & Barrington. (If you don't, of course, it's an hour and a half marathon run -- and still worth it).

        The only restaurant I know on the Westside that even pretends to be Sichuan is Hu's, on National and Rose. It's not bad (I don't think) but it's also not very Sichuan. You need to come to the San Gabriel Valley.