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Dec 18, 2007 04:18 PM

Mid City lanes area recomendations?

Looking foward to a quick overnight on New Years eve.Seeing our favorite blues man Tab Benoit. Got a cheap room at the airport so might not even make it to our usual spot Coops. Any good/great places to eat/drink near Mid City Lanes?

Thanks in advance


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  1. Mid City Lanes itself has pretty decent bar food. Or, head up Carrollton toward City Park, where you have a bunch of choices--
    Cafe Mihn--upscale vietnamese/fusion
    Juan's Flying Burrito--cal-mex, cheap, filling
    Venezia--old school red gravy italian, oldest pizza place in NOLA
    I hope you get to hear Tab play "Boat Launch Baby"....

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    1. re: Hungry Celeste

      Thanks for the tips about how far is City Park from Mid City? Got all of Tab's stuff never heard of Boat Launch Baby?


      1. re: don515

        Track #2 on the "Sea Saint Sessions" disk. And to make this post food-related, the last track on that disk is "Plareen Man". Mapquest says that it is three-quarters of a mile from RocknBowl to Venezia (just off of Canal & Carrollton). Several more restaurants occupy the general area, including Guerro's (mexican), Doson's Noodle House, and Brocato's (gelato in a 100 year old establishment).

    2. Aside from the fact that gut-bucket most of Tulane Ave.(I used to work @OFS at Tulane&Broad, and for years before dat drank a hefty swirl at Nick's, so no lip from ya allgood sweet sunshiny carpetbagger types) , including extensive swaths of Broadmoor, Midcity, and Gentilly are still strugglin/reelin, no matter WHERE ya eat in that zone, Angelo's Bracato on Carrollton MUST be Xperienced. Da Best Italian Ices...Lemon!!!...Earlier, when savory instincts prevail...Mat'n'Naddies, off of Oak St.,...Chef's Special(kitchen sink) Omelete @ the Gloriously re-opened Camellia Grill @ Carrollton X St.Charles...Don't miss da Pecan Pie ala mode !!!Cheers!

      1. Among the others listed that I would recommend are Mandinas (Creole) and Mona's (Med.; BYOB), which are both only a couple of minutes away.

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        1. re: pilaf

          Second Mandina's. Ate there on Thursday before going to see Rosie Ledet at Mid-City. Cab fare was just over $3. Food was excellent, service was top notch and the place was bustling. Great to see.

          1. re: Zydeco_Mama

            Another vote for Mandina's. Don't forget, cash only. Great, great place.

            1. re: jeffchow

              Have had two great meals at Mandina's lately. Just a good solid place with excellent service.

        2. These are all solid recommendations, though I'd call to make sure they'll be open new year's eve. Some of the family-run places aren't.
          One other suggestion is Ye Olde College Inn, about two miles down S. Carrollton from Rock n Bowl toward the river. It has the same owner now as Rock n Bowl and normally if you have dinner there you get free admission to Rock n Bowl that same night. I'm not sure if that will be the case on New Year's Eve, but it's worth checking out. The food is good New Orleansy stuff.

          And Boat Launch Baby is one of my favorite Tab songs. All about a Cajun belle walking barefoot on the shells by a bayou boat launch site.

          1. Thanks for all great recomendations! Madina's is open! I get turned around as far as directions mid-city did not realize Tulane was that close. Big Tab fan did some fund raising last year and brought a $900 check for Voice of the Wetlands last year.

            Thanks All