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Dec 18, 2007 04:11 PM

Lebanese Taverna first-time tomorrow...

What should I order? Anybody got any faves? It's for lunch, btw.

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  1. Get the lamb shank! It's out of this world!

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    1. re: rumple

      mr. alka had the lamb shank last time at westover location, and it was tough! like they didn't braise it long enough....mentioned it to manger, but he did not seem that interested.

      salads are expensive for what you get.....

      we need more lebanese options around town.

    2. I like to do mezza, small plates. Faves: Camel wings, hummos special, shrimp arak, shwarma (both chicken and beef), tabouleh, shakshouky, filled pastries (meat/pine nuts, or cheese, or spinach/pine nuts)and fattoush.

      1. avoid the felafel - the last coupla times I had it (at Pentagon City) it was too dry

        if you're going to the Westover location, and can do without atmosphere and alcohol, consider going to Lebanese Butcher instead

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        1. re: Jamie D

          The Westover location -- the first -- is still the best. Pappa serves as host and son is his able lieutenant. That personal oversight shows in food that is noticably better than the food at the slicker restaurants like Tysons or Pentagon Row. On a head to head match up of mezze, I'd give the nod to Lebanese Tavern (Westover). In the field of entrees, LB's ouzi is stellar.

        2. I just went for the first time and the chicken with garlic is to die for!!!