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Charlotte: Good Prosciutto, help!

My latest quest is for someone who knows how to thinly slice prosciutto di parma... where oh where can I find it... in the South Charlotte/Ballantyne area? I don't particularly want to travel north of Hwy 51. I know, I know. Pasta and Provisions probably is the place. I've had it ONCE at Fresh Market... but every other time I've ordered it I've gotten it sliced like it was Virginia Baked Ham. There was one dude there, Nick, that got it right. I think Nick has moved on to bigger and better things.

So, help out a girl, y'all. I need the paper thin ribbons of salty goodness for crostini, charcuterie, etc. for a cocktail party I'm hosting FRIDAY!!!! Help!

P.S. If you have any recipes for antipasti that would be fun and easy and work w/ my rough draft menu below, please, by all means, share! Grazie. ;-)

-Sicillian Stuffed Mushrooms (Sausage mix)
-Brooklyn Cheese Puffs (Itallian version of Gougeres)
-Veggies, hummus, another dip
-Manchego & Membrillo crostini
-Assorted cheeses, salumi, crackers, chutneys, etc.
-Spiced nuts

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  1. Dean & Delucca has good prosciutto but you may have to take a second mortgage out on your house to pay for it. :-)

    Here's a link to the absolute best stuffed mushrooms I've ever had. The key is to use good quality Italian sausage.


    Have fun!

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      OHMAGAWD! HGC, this is the recipe I have always used. I used to have my own catering business and I always used this recipe. These are absolutely addictive. And you can make the sausage mix up ahead of time and can even freeze it!

      Yeah, D&D is crazy money!

    2. http://www.ferruccis.com/

      Lynn - a bit of a haul but definitely worth the trip! Ferrucci's has everything you need to feel like you're back on Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn - except the attitude! I strongly encourage it!

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        I second the Ferrucci's rec but it's pretty far from South Charlotte.

        That said, if you go, get the green olives for sure. I can't remember the name but they are the only green olives in the case. They're similar in texture to Cerignolas but the taste is more subtle.

        In the deli case is a really, really delicious Sicilian salami. I was on a real salami bender this summer and was addicted to it -- AND they know and understand to slice their meats thinly.

        Other good things about Ferrucci's: housemade hot and sweet Italian sausage, really good lamb that they trim perfectly, big/yummy sandwiches.

        If you do D&D, try a Fra' Mani salami for your antipasto platter. It's pretty heavenly.

      2. Lynn, I can't help with the prosciutto, but thought I would pass along this article from today's New York Times about quick/easy appetizers: http://www.nytimes.com/2007/12/19/din...

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          Amazing article... thanks for the link! I can't believe, though, that they mentioned rumaki (water chestnut wrapped in bacon). I haven't seen them in years. I would never have the guts to serve those... same w/ cocktail wienies! I know, I know, all that 60s & 70s stuff is making a comeback. Is that a good thing?

        2. You are right! Pasta and Provisions is for sure the place for prosciutto and all Italian cold cuts. They now even carry spec - try this it is great! Just a short drive up Providence- It is not far and you know it’s worth it. While you are there pick up a nice piece of Asiago cheese and some marinated mushrooms to add to the antipasti

          1. Don't forget the olives! A variety of green and black ones are great. Dean and Deluca and Pasta and Provisions both have wonderful olive selections, as well as marinated vegetables. I also love the marinated seafood salad, but most people may shy away from it b/c it has baby octopus and mussels

            My favorite Italian cheese is Pecorina di Toscana or Pecorino di Pienza. D&D usually has one or the other. These cheeses, from Tuscany, are sheep's milk and are wonderful. There re various ages, but my favorite is the younger, softer version.

            Another fun thing might be to have on hand some cantucci and Vin Santo for a sweet addition.

            1. I forgot to stick my big Italian nose in your business after I made the deli recommendation. This past Christmas I made stuffed mushrooms but I also cut and cored zucchini lengthwise and cut into 2 inch piece and added stuffing to them to. I put a little pimeto on top of each after baking. They were red and green (for Italy and Christmas!) and really good.

              1. Crazy you posted this, I just went through this same thing...

                I got some prosciutto at Fresh Market this weekend - very good. Just keep asking them to slice it thinner and thinner. It took about three tries but they finally got it down to what I was looking for..... and I got to eat the three failed attempts!

                (I used it for a big antipasto platter I made for a party)

                1. I knew y'all would come through for me! I am dying to get up to Ferrucci's... but you're right, it's such a haul. I am still on a hunt for membrillo (quince paste)... I'm gonna check Earthfare next.

                  For the prosciutto, I was in downtown Waxhaw today so I ran in to my fave butcher, Vic @ Where's The Beef. They did a perfect paper thin prosciutto but it is prosciutto piccolo (Boar's Head). BUT on the up side, it was only $4 bucks for 20 slices!!!! You must go in this place when your in the area... he's a great yankee butcher.

                  My feet hurt from all the food shopping I did today. I guess I'm going back out tomorrow for more! Thanks guys!

                  1. Harris Teeter Morrocroft - not at the deli it is with the cheeses near the wine dept., Look at my photos there are some italian meats in a parmesan bowl, that would be easy and delish.