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Dec 18, 2007 03:48 PM

between macon and savannah

Headed down towards Savannah this friday, looking for some place for a late lunch stop. Will probably go Hwy 80 and/or other backroads, as the only way I can tolerate the monotony of I-16 is at 100+mph, and I can't do that this trip b/c wife and kids will be along for the ride. So...any ideas for anything in Dublin, Swainsboro, Statesboro...I might swing a bit north of there and go thru Sandersville & Wrightsville...

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  1. Some good choices are:

    In Dublin, either the Blue Plate Restaurant for Southern food or Southern Heritage Bar-B-Que


    Ware's in Swainsboro

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    1. re: Blue Eagle

      thanks for the links, Ware's looks like it might be our stop. I checked out the earthlink page, and any place that's mentioned with the Bears Den, Buckners, Yoders and the Bulloch house is probably pretty good.

      1. re: wabbitslayer

        Ware's bbq is definitely some good stuff.

        The second location (Ware's Old Mill) is new, so I have no idea if it is as good as the original location.