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Dec 18, 2007 02:33 PM

Visitng Seattle for 2 days.....a few questions....Matt's in the Market, Serious Pie, etc.

Will have a few lunches and dinners. Friends will make other choices but I'll have some free time. I go to Seattle frequently so I want to try some good food there.

I'm thinking of going to Matt's in the Market. Seems to get good buzz here. Is it ok for one person for lunch? Do I need a reservation? What is recommended?

Also considering having a dinner at Serious Pie. I'll be going to Portland on Saturday and will try to go to Apizza Scholls but I enjoyed the Serious Pie I had at the Bite of Seattle over the summer.

I'll basically be walking around downtown and just hanging out with no real purpose. Trying to find some good spots to go to. I've already been to Salumi, which was fine. Basically good places where I can have a good meal by myself, posibly at the bar or are good for solo lunches. Not too fancy or expensive but not particularly a hole in the wall either.

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  1. Friend also recommended "Matador" for their Nachos?????

    My brother, who lives there mentioned a place called mashiko's.

    What about Todd English's restaurant, Fish Club?

    1. not sure where you are from but you might want to sample some oysters since it's the season ..I've had lovely half shells at the bar at Le Pichet with a glass of cremant .. it's a fabulous afternoon treat.

      1. I have only eaten a single pizza at Serious Pie, but it is definitely not something I would recommend. Especially if you have limited meals. I thought it was super dry and too crispy around the edges.

        Matador nachos are good and cheap for their Happy Hour (they're $4 for a massive plate) - but again - not something Id recommend for limited eating opportunities!

        Mashiko is a treat! Sushi in West Seattle. You'll have to get in a car and cross a bridge.

        If you're in downtown/Belltown, I recommend Umi Sake Bar for sushi/Japanese food. The sushi is fresh and they have unique rolls and dishes.

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        1. re: burritobelle

          I've been to Umi Sake bar once but mainly for the Sake! I had a few rolls and nigiri.

          Might skip the Serious Pie since I probably will visit Apizza Scholls....

          Oysters are a good idea. I love oysters.

          1. re: Xericx

            Another place with great food that's nice for lunching solo is Maxmilen's in the Market. The views are really spectacular, and I'm partial to their delicious French food as well. Dinner's a little spendier, but I'm a girl on a budget and lunch there won't break the bank. Another place nearby is the Two Bells Tavern on 4th and Bell if you just want to hang out in a really cool neighborhood bar.

            If you're staying downtown or nearby, my favorite restaurant in that part of town for dinner is Marjorie. Small place with a wonderful vibe and stellar food. If you need a tour guide, holler at me, I often have weekdays free and am a native girl who's pretty proud of her town. I might be able to show you around a bit.

            1. re: allisonw

              Ooh, thanks for the offer! I'm fairly famililiar with Seattle (althought not overly so) as I'm originally from Portland and my brother, who I visit frequently is in Bellevue.

              I mainly plan to do some christmas shopping downtown, just walking around aimlessly and wanted to check out some good food.

        2. Yes, go to Matt's, and since they have counter seating, it's great for one. I'd call and ask them if you need to reserve--I was frequently turned away as a solo diner for lunch in their smaller, old space, and I'm not sure if a solo can sneak in without one.

          I like the Maximilien in the Market suggestion, too. They have a good happy hour with half price food (get mussels). It's got great ambiance and a nice view and would be lovely for an afternoon snack and glass of wine.

          Matador is a long way from downtown--not worth the trip.

          Go to Green Leaf!! It's fantastic Vietnamese in the International District. A short bus ride or longer walk.

          If you enjoyed Serious Pie at the Bite, go for it. Since it's not any kind of "traditional" pizza it might be different enough from what you'll get in Portland that it won't be redundant.

          1. Matt's is fantastic, and as noted, has counter seating so would be ideal for a solo diner. I also second the recommendation for Le Pichet - they always have great oysters, the wine list is superb, and the range of small plates means you can try a number of different things without over-eating!

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            1. re: northwestkiwi

              I made it to Matt's today. Really solid, walked right in and sat at the counter. Had a pan fried catfish sandwhich with a yukon gold and cauliflower puree soup. Catfish was a sizeable piece on some great bread...worked really nicely.

              The Buffalo Burger looked damn delicious. Next time I'll try something like scallops or something...looked good......

              1. re: Xericx

                Oh yeah, I had dinner at "The Ram" tonight in Kent Station. Just basic bar fare...had an ok steak was messy though. Pretty average, they seemed to have undercooked the meat (asked for medium rare it came out more on the rare side).

                Tommorow I am going to have lunch somewhere in Bellevue...will report back.

                I'll be staying downtown on Friday night/Saturday morning. What's nice, light and hip for just snacks or tapas or whatever.....just something to go nicely with some alcohol before hittin' the town?

                Also, Saturday morning breakfast. I've done the donut cart at Pike Market...might do that again or something in Pike Market to have before hopping in the car and driving to Portland (where I'm going to try to time it to get to Apizza Scholls when they open!)


                1. re: Xericx

                  In the downtown area, Taste restaurant (inside the Seattle Art Museum at 1st and University) has some decent light bar menu items (the Alsatian flatbread and pizza are good, skip the kalbi and the frites). Across the st (1st and Union) is Union, which you've probably been to, a bit more substantial bar menu. For really light snacks, Vessel bar (5th between Union and University, mixology which rivals or beats Zigzag, depending who you talk to) or Txori (2nd and Blanchard, a few blocks further north) are options. Afterwards go to Crush (23rd and Madison, a taxi or bus ride) for some gougeres at the bar and some butter poached prawns w/ carrot raviolo, if you're still in "snack" mode...

                  1. re: Xericx

                    Another option for Friday night snacks: Palace Kitchen - same owner as Serious Pie (Tom Douglas), funky comfortable atmosphere (not chi-chi), and a large bar where a lone diner can enjoy a drink and appy. I love their roast pork & chard ravioli appetizer. They're on 5th & Lenora.

                    Another option for breakfast Saturday morning is the Crumpet Shop in Pike Place Market (doorway faces 1st ave) for a light breakfast of crumpets & tea.

                    Enjoy Apizza Scholls. I ate there 3 weeks ago and thought it was divine! Read about my meal here: