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Aug 3, 2000 07:15 PM

La Cachette

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I had gone to La Cachette a short while back and was very impressed. The food was excellent, the fois gras as authentic as in France, and the service was impeccable. Our glasses never got even three-quarters empty before our server or her assistants were filling it back up. It was expensive, but worth it for the occasion.

I read in 1998,1999 there were many reviews that the quality of food and service had taken a dive and that quality of the place was no longer what it once was. In 2000, Zagats (for better or worse) ranked it very highly. My question is that I will be taking my mother to a nice dinner for a special occasion, and have considered La Cachette again. Have any of you been there recently, and do you think that my experience is again typical or was I lucky and the chef had a good night?

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  1. To be sure that you get a great meal, go to Patina. It is not much more expensive and every dish I have ever eaten there has been perfect. If you think a dish is bland, think about the main ingredient in the dish, if it is mildly flavored, he didn't want to overwhelm it with a powerful sauce. Save you pennies and make it a wonderful experience...a few times a year.

    1. I love La Cachette. The setting is really elegant, and the food is just phenomenal (especially this chocolate chip dessert thing that you order at the beginning of the meal). I used to work around there, so I'd eat at La Cachette pretty often, and I always had great meals. Highly recommended by me.