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Dec 18, 2007 02:22 PM

Merlot Jelly - what to do?

In a beautiful gift basket, I received a jar of merlot jelly. I have no idea what to do with it - and it's huge.
I was thinking of just serving on a canape with a matching cheese. Any other / more interesting ideas?

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  1. I serve an Italian wine jelly with roasted meats - rack of lamb, chicken, etc. - delicious.

    1. On a cruise this summer, Merlot jelly was served with pate. It was very nice.

      1. mix with a teensy bit of lime and hot sauce and brush on ribs or grilled pork chops...
        mix with cream cheese with crackers...
        spread on crackers and crumble on a little sharp tangy gorgonzola
        on hot buttered toast
        super special pb and j, light on the pb
        straight out of the jar with a spoon

        1. On top of brie. Serve with crackers.

          1. The real question is: Is it merlot wine jelly or merlot grape jelly? Wine jelly might be better with meat or cheese, grape with peanut butter.

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              It is indeed merlot wine jelly.

              Thank you all for your suggestions! Chelley, I like your idea of serving it with pork doctored up with some heat and acidity, and with pate as scuzzo suggests. I will definitely put it out with the rack of lamb I'm serving this weekend (thanks MMRuth).

              Because I am tragically allergic to wine, my ideas were limited by my lack of palate experience ito wine. MrCris was not much help (he agreed with spoon out of the jar) but will be keen to try with peanut butter.