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Dec 18, 2007 02:09 PM

Chocolate mousse question

I'm planning on making chocolate mousse for Christmas Eve dessert. But the style of mousse that I love is the one where there are tiny, tiny air bubbles in the mousse which make for that wonderful texture as it melts in your mouth. This is the kind that I had regularly in Paris and fell in love with. As I'm looking through recipes, I see that there are two general categories: those made with whipped cream and those made with whipped egg whites. Can anyone tell me which will give me the texture I'm looking for? I'm guessing the egg whites, but I'd love some guidance.


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  1. I've been making Julia Child's recipe for chocolate mousse since I was a kid. I've tried others, many quicker and simpler, but I always come back to this one because it has a beautiful texture and great flavor.

    The link below includes the recipe and also does a nice job explaining why the egg whites and butter do their job.

    Bon Appetit!

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      Wow, her recipe looks gorgeous. I will try it, thanks, Trish!

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        I guess I will have to try this. It's amazing how two recipes for the same product can be so different and probably both be amazingly good. I have made mousse with the butter and eggs and other recipes (my current favorite) that uses neither and is really good. As Julia C. is one of my all time heroes, I will have to give this one a try (probably this weekend) and report back).

      2. The kind with the egg whites. That's what my mom used to make for company when I was growing up! Yum yum.

        1. America's Test Kitchen has a fairly recent recipe (perfecting chocolate mousse) that is really outstanding (and avoids the raw eggs that some use). I made it last weekend for a neighborhood party and it was a HUGE hit. It uses some cocoa powder and espresso powder in addition to the chocolate. Both egg whites and whipped cream (I would imagine the beaten whites add 'air'). I believe this is the link to the recipe: you will not be disapointed!

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            I absolutely agree, I always use beaten egg whites and whipped cream. The variation makes the mousse much lighter.

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              I use both egg whites and whipped cream and get that exact consistency you mention. I use melted chocolate, not cocoa. It's my grandmother's recipe that she got from a woman from Paris years ago. If I can dig it up successfully, I'll post it. I was thinking of making it soon anyway.

              One important tip you probably know anyway: it should refrigerate overnight.

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                I would love to see your grandmother's recipe. I think I have a mousse-off in my future...

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                  I also have a recipe that calls for both egg whites and whipped cream. I put it in a pan lined with ladyfingers, and it's good, but it is not as ethereal as Julia's.

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                  I agree, please post your grandmothers recipe if you can! I was in Paris last summer and the mousse was so darn good...

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                Would anyone with a CI/ATK web subscription be willing to paraphrase the ATK recipe (you have to agree to a trial subscription to CI magazine to get to this recipe on

                If so, TIA!

                1. re: optimal forager

                  I would be happy to if I didn't feel like the FBI, CIA, SEC and Congress would immediatly come after me with charges and subpeonas... Get the trial subscription - it's worth it. Better, just pay for the subscription. I don't care what you need a recipe for, you will probably find it there. And, it will most likely be fairly idiot-proof, made with easily found ingredients and be really good. I have absolutely no $ interest in what they do, but I can tell you that over the past several years their shows/recipes have made be a MUCH better home cook (not to mention mutilple first place ribbons in local cook-offs...).


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                    Huh? I registered for ATK online for free and the chocolate mousse recipe is there.

                2. re: bnemes3343

                  Sorry for mis-speaking (especially since I just made this recipe), but it does end up using raw eggs (whites and yolks). But it is delicious...

                3. Reporting back -- I made the Julia Child recipe and it was perfect. It had those tiny bubbles that I've been looking for. I must admit that it was rather a pain to make, as I don't have a hand mixer (only my big ol' Kitchenaid stand mixer) and the recipe calls for 8 minutes of beating over hot and cold water. My arm and shoulder were not pleased with me! I used Kahlua instead of rum and found that the end result was just a touch too sweet. So next time, I will cut back on the sugar just a bit. But my guests loved it and devoured their servings.

                  Thanks TrishUntrapped for the recipe! It's definitely a keeper for me. Trust Julia to have it right. I made her crepes recipe for Christmas breakfast and they were beautiful -- light and tender. Filled with ham (from dinner the night before) and emmenthal cheese... yum!

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                    Toronto Jo,

                    Glad it worked out for you. I like a slight orange undertone so I sometimes use Triple Sec, and other times just orange alcohol. I mix espresso powder with water for the required amount of coffee, it really brings out the chocolate flavor without making the mousse coffee-flavored....

                    This recipe IS a bit of pain, which is why I tried other easier ones. But I have not found a better one, so this is the one I make when I want that etherealness. You can almost taste Julia in each spoonful.