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Dec 18, 2007 02:08 PM

Where to get cheap Beef Tenderloin?

Alright, I realize there is no such thing as "cheap" beef tenderloin.... however, there HAS to be a good deal somewhere in this city!!! Im planning christmas eve dinner for myself and my boyfriend and have my heart set on roasted beef tenderloin. Unfortunately, im not very familiar with butchers in the city. Does anyone have any suggestions for a good butcher with reasonable prices.... 30$/lb is pretty rough on a gradauate student budget :)

ah, i live on the UES, but dont mind traveling a bit if itll save me a lot of $$.


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  1. If you post on the Tri-State Board, I could recommend some locations for you. whenever I mention anything outside of Manhattan it gets deleted.

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    1. you should check out Fairway on 132nd in Manhattan. They have a walk in cold room where they have really well priced meats of all types. I'm not sure the price for tenderloin but it's got to be the cheapest you'll find in manhattan.

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        thats a good suggestion- theres actually a fairway directly acroos he park on 70-something i think.... i may have to try that....

      2. If it's just the two of you, what about doing 4-6 oz filet mignons, rather than a tenderloin roast? That might help on the price front as well. For inspiration, here's a photo of a wonderfully festive Julia Child recipe:

        I think I bought those filets at Whole Foods - don't remember the price though.

        1. Check the price at Oppenheimer's at Broadway and 98th. This is a superb butcher shop that has been in business for many, many years, and whose prices are high but not as ridiculous as most on the UES. It is no longer owned by Harry Oppenheimer, but still carries on the tradition admirably.

          1. I have always preferrred making large purchases like this at Western Beef. Their meat is quality and their butchers can custom cut as needed. Most importantly, their prices rarely drift above $15/lb. For a beef tenderloin, I think you will likely spend under $12/lb.