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Dec 18, 2007 02:06 PM

New Year's Restaurants/Menus

Does anyone know/recommend a restaurant to go in Montreal on New Year's Eve? I've seen that some of the them offer fixed menus, but I'm hesitant to book without having more references.

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  1. Some of the WORST meals are to be had on New Years Eve. Regular chef is on holiday, wait staff is itching to get out by midnight...need I say more. I always suggest to fellow foodies to go out one or two nights before the holiday for an end of year finale and then hunker down at home with a good bottle of wine and fine cut of meat ( I prefer rack of lamb).

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      Yes, we have the same rule about Valentine's Day. I usually prefer to go the day after.

      1. re: crispy1

        Oh, and don't forget how much they over charge you for the set menu, which might or might not consist of things you enjoy eating - don't like something - TOO BAD!!

        Save your money!! Stay home, buy some fancy cheeses, a great baguette, a nice red and ring in the New Year safely!!!

        1. re: crispy1

          Let me add to the rising chorus here. Stay home. The wife and I always see in the New Year with a couple of lobsters and a bottle of cava.

          1. re: rcianci

            I also forgot to mention that I dislike the idea of driving with revelers ie drunks on the road. I personally find New Years a scam!! We have never had a decent restaurant meal and my babysitter wants me to skip a mortgage payment to pay her instead. Rack of Lamb, great wine, stack of movies.......does not get any better than that.

        2. Yeah, that was my fear. Thanks folks, I think I'll follow your advice.And happy New Year!