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Aug 2, 2000 12:02 AM

someone point me towards some dim sum???

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It has been many years since i have had decent dim sum... I've tried a few places out here since i arrived, and needless to say, i have had nothing but disappointment... Somewhere in the Los Angeles area therre must be at least one that serves some killer dim sum, no?? =) I've heard rumors directing me to the san gabriel area (alahmbra, rosemead, San Gabriel)
but how can i sniff them out when there are at least 300 chinese restaurants alone??

I am getting desperate, anyone please with leads or advice, it would be most appreciated... =)

ps- if anyone is interested, i stumbled across this quaint thai restaurant heading to malibu... It is off the pacific ocast highway, and if you are not paying attention, you won't even see it... It's called CHOLADAD, never heard of it, but i am more than happy that i stopped by... Definetly the best thai food i've had since coming here, on the other hand, it has been awhile since my taste buds have tasted decent home cooking, so it miht not live up to others standards... =) Well try it out... I have the receipt, it's 18763 Pacific Coast... Malibu, CA...
You will find that the people are actually Thai, and don't speak english very well, but the food speaks for itself... =)

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    Tom Armitage


    Your question provides an opportunity for you to check out and use the search feature of Chowhound. I'd suggest typing in the following in the search box: "dim sum monterey park" and "dim sum los angeles." This should yield quite a few previous posts that will provide various individuals' answers to your question, and will save a lot of time compared with scanning down the Los Angeles board in search of relevant threads. Check it out; the search feature (located in the upper right-hand corner of the main board) is really useful.

    The best dim sum restaurants are in Monterey Park and the downtown L.A. Chinatown, namely, Harbor Village (M.P.), Ocean Star (M.P.), NBC (M.P.), and Empress Pavilion (Chinatown). There are also some good places in the Lawndale/Gardena area, like Regal Seafood in Lawndale. But for more information, use the search feature and read the previous posts on this subject.

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    1. re: Tom Armitage

      Gee, whiz, I've worked downtown for 5 years, and I, and most people I know, would choose Ocean Seafood over Empress ANY DAY. I find Empress just too crowded, too hard to get what you want, and to put in plainly, not that tasty. None of the above problems at Ocean Seafood, which has a great room to boot. Am I wrong?

      1. re: Cube

        Yes, Mr. Cube. You are wrong. The dim sum at Empress Pavilion is superior in almost every way to Ocean's. Except, as you noted, the crowds, which are at Empress for a reason.

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      Barbara Marshall

      Left L.A. 3 years ago and STILL crave dim sum from the Empress Pavilion at the north end of Chinatown. I've had it many other places, and this is still my favorite. Try to go during the week, because weekends are mobbed. Or be prepared to wait a long time - it's worth it, and the little shopping mall it's located in is kinda fun.

      Re Thai: My favorite is Saladang in Pasadena. Kind of a more California-type Thai (like PF Chang's China Bistro is more California-type Chinese) but truly excellent food. Another really popular place, so go EARLY!

      1. This may not be of much help, but I couldn't resist mentioning that if you want really really really great dim sum -- far better than any down here -- try Yank Sing up in San Francisco. Sadly, our local dim sum, here in L.A., doesn't compare.

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        1. re: Michael

          Wrong, wrong, wrong.

          1. re: Tom Armitage

            If you haven't found L.A. dim sum better than any place in San Francisco--especially Yank Sing--you're not looking hard enough.

            1. re: Pepper

              Agreed. Quality of dim sum here is definitely better than the Bay Area.

          2. re: Michael

            I would echo Tom's statement. Yank Sing does not have really great dim sum. It may have been great a long, long time ago. Now I feel it's just a lazy choice for people who write tour guides.

          3. I live in Pasadena and have tried loads of the San Gabriel Valley dim sum places. Nothing comes even close to Empress Pavillion in Chinatown. I've had dim sum all over San Francisco and New York and I still say the Empress is the best I've ever had.