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Dec 18, 2007 01:47 PM

Christmas Crawfish Boil?

My husband (who's orginally from La.) and I will be driving from the New Orleans airport to Vicksburg, Miss. this weekend to see his parents and we need to find somewhere to stop along the way for boiled crawfish. We live in NYC and don't get a chance to eat boiled crawfish very often and we don't expect to get much of it in Mississippi (the culinary wasteland of the deep south) over Christmas either. I'd love to head into New Orleans for a few hours (and a few drinks) before heading to my in-laws, but I'm not sure how much time we're going to have. Any ideas either in the city or along the way would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. It is very early for a crawfish boil--usually you see the tails for sale about now--but I went to dinner in lake Charles Saturday night and the place did have boiled crawfish in the traditional manner so someone, somehow, is getting them. have no idea about the NOLA area as to if anyone is doing it. It really is a waste this time of year because they are so small.

    1. You're on the early bleeding edge of the season, but here are two joints pretty close to the airport. Call first to see if they're serving crawfish yet or not. Note: neither are very pretty, both are strictly locals only. (I tried to use the places function, but it didn't work.)
      Kenner Seafood: (note for Hazelhurst--WOP salad is right there on the menu, posted on the website for the whole world to see
      )Harbor Seafood: If Harbor doesn't have crawfish yet, you could always load up on raw oysters....
      If you're driving all the way into town, try KJean Seafood, recently reopened after a complete Katrina reconstruction: 236 N Carrollton, 488-7503

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        Kennah Seafood has a Wop salad? Oh! you are warming the corners of an aging, cholesterol-clogged heart....

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          Harbor had crawfish last weekend for sure. They were small so I didn't eat any, but they were there!

        2. i live in Biloxi M.S. and the local seafood dealer had them 3.99lb we boiled 70lbs last weekend.

          1. The Big Fisherman on Magazine also has boiled crawfish right now. Saw some people eating them at the bulldog the other day and they looked good.