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Aug 1, 2000 08:20 PM

Campanile: where would be a "good" table?

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My wife and I dined at Campanile in late June while I was on business in L.A. I found the food to be quite wonderful, if way pricey, and the service to be helpful as well. However, we were seated in the front room by the front window of the restaurant. I had trouble deciding if this was a good or bad table; it was a far quieter table than other parts of the restaurant, but also, it seemed, a bit out-of-the-way. So, help me settle a bet: of the chowhounds who've been to Campanile, where are the "good" tables from your perspective, and where are the "bad?"

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    Tom Armitage

    From my perspective, there are no "bad" tables at Campanile, with the possible exception of the tables upstairs which are used mostly for private parties, but can also be used for regular customers on busy nights. As you no doubt observed, each of the three downstairs sections has its own personality. The front section has the most informal feel to it, and is very light and airy. On Thursdays, this section is where the customers who come for the grilled cheese sandwiches (fabulous!!) eat. The middle section is perhaps my personal favorite, sitting under the high two-story ceiling with the skylights. The rear section is the most formal, with a darker, more elegant feel to it. I personally find it more "closed in" than the other sections, but I know a lot of people who like the big, comfortable upholstered chairs and the somewhat more serious air of that section.

    I'm sure a lot of regulars have their own favorite table, but there isn't really any "right" answer to your question. It's just a matter of personal preference. And the food is usually so damn good there, as is the wine list, that where you sit doesn't make all that much difference. As I said, there isn't really a bad table in the house.