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Dec 18, 2007 01:12 PM

Avon Bistro (on E. 52 St)?

Has anyone been to Avon Bistro, on East 52nd? If so, thoughts/suggestions/etc?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Avon Bistro is a really cozy & quaint spot on 52nd off Thrid Ave. They have a VERY tasty appetizer menu including my favorite- baked brie; it consists of gooey, yummy brie baked into the flakiest croissant shell you can ask for. Next is their sliders: mini cheeseburgers served on "cocoa bread" like buns. VERY nice for a quick bite. Their crabcakes are divine! They are served with a minced mango concoction that would immediately turn your attention to your plate. Finally for appetizers, their calamari, served fried & rung around orange impaled skewers are quite nice. They used to be served with a garlicky dipping sauce whose taste remained in your mouth for hours. Not as offensive as it sounds, I promise!! However that has since been switched with a spicy marinara sause that just doesn't live up to its predecessor.

      The staff is friendly & welcoming!!! Excellent & interesting home grown cocktails. Frites are disgustingly good.

      1. Nothing special there at all. They're on their second or third chef after being open less than a year.

        There are plenty of other places to dine. I'd definitely skip this one.