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Aug 1, 2000 07:20 PM

Dining/cooking events-dinner with chef,etc.

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Do you know about restaurants, B&B's, cooking schools that offer special dining events, such as dinner or cooking class in a restaurant/kitchen with a chef? I want to arrange a dinner event/class in a nice venue as a 50th birthday surprise for my foodie brother and his girlfriend. Not looking for extravagant private dinner for two with Wolfgang Puck, but nonethless, a unique culinary experience. Restaurant name/location/telephone number/website, or suggestions to point me to special dining/cooking experiences would be much appreciated. Do chowhounds do gourmet? Or do they only do this kind of thing in Dallas?

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    Tom Armitage

    Hi Marilyn,

    It would be hard to pre-plan a cooking class followed by meal, at least one conducted by a chef of some note, because they usually occur on an irregular basis, and are often publicized not more than a week or two in advance. There have been a few exceptions. For awhile Yujean Kang was conducting cooking classes at his West Hollywood restaurant on Saturday mornings following by a meal of the dishes he had demonstrated cooking, but, alas, he has discontinued these classes.

    A safer bet would be a restaurant that has a table in the kitchen, where you can watch the cooks at work and chat with the chef, but these are typically at high-end restaurants, and the kitchen-table experience can cost an arm and a leg. What is your maximum per person cost for your 50th birthday surprise, and how many people will be attending? This information will help me give you some specific suggestions. Also, is there any particular type of food that you're interested in?

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      Marilyn in Dallas

      Hi Tom,
      My brother lives near Playa del Rey --rest of the family is in Texas. So just he and his girlfriend (probably all I can afford). RE: Chef's kitchen or overnight stay at a B&B that has a special dining experience. He would probably not enjoy ultra high-end and find it too intimidating. I was thinking $250-300 would be the top I could pay for dinner/class for TWO.(excluding wine & cocktails --he seldom drinks alcohol)I'd go higher than that for B&B, but most may be too expensive.It would be okay if they were part of a small group who participate in a dining event. Not Asian or nouveau -- more classic, with flair--or Italian, seafood,vegetarian--and gotta have fabulous dessert. (and a reasonable drive time--no more than an hour away except for B&B)If this is mission impossible, give me some feedback and suggest alternatives.

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        Why don't you contact Evan Kleiman at Angeli Caffe (on Melrose in Hollywood). She is the owner and chef and has travelled extensively in Italy and has published a number of fine Italian cookbooks, and often holds cooking classes (i.e., handmade pasta and sauces), olive oil tastings, and the like. I'll bet she could put together something special for you for a not-too-exhorbitant price.

    2. Hi,

      I hope this isn't too late...I just saw your request today. There is a B & B in Northern CA that is also a cooking school. Good Luck!!! :)