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Aug 1, 2000 05:25 PM

Our anniversary dinner in downtown LA

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We'll be staying at the Westin Bonaventure on our anniversary - what's nearby that would be fairly nice (American, Italian, or Mexican cuisine would be our choices).

The hotel has a restaurant on the roof - Top of the Fives or something - how's that one?

Further afield is something called Adam's Rib - what is that, a steakhouse or ????

Any feedback appreciated - we're coming out from Iowa at the end of August.

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    Tom Armitage

    My first suggestion is that you spend a little time reading through the previous posts on the Los Angeles board to see if there are particular restaurants whose description captures your fancy. Then ask specific questions about those restaurants in terms of type of food served, quality of food, ambience, etc., to the extent those questions aren't answered by the previous posts.

    Forget the restaurants in your hotel, including the one on the roof, if you are at all fussy about the quality of what you eat. In the immediate area of your hotel (which is located in downtown L.A. at the corner of 4th and Figueroa) are a couple of good restaurants. Ciudad is just across the street at 445 S. Figueroa and serves good nuevo-latino food in a room with very hip, modern decor. It's not my personal favorite, but other Chowhounds like it a lot. The Water Grill is an excellent seafood restaurant in the downtown L.A. area, with a very nice, somewhat elegant ambience. But since its your anniversary, I'd drive or splurge and take a cab to Campanile, on La Brea just north of Wilshire. Nice atmosphere is a building formerly owned by Charlie Chaplin, consistently wonderful food with a Mediterranean influence, and a great wine list. It's a very "California" restaurant. Another possibility is Lucques, which is also serving some top-notch Mediterranean food in a two small, cozy rooms, but also requires a drive or cab ride to get there.

    Use the search feature of the Chowhound board (upper right-hand corner of the main board) and type in "campanile," "water grill," and "luques" and read the posts that have previously discussed these restaurants.

    Some additional information that would be helpful in giving you advice is (1) will you have a car, or will you have to get around by cab?, and (2) since it's your anniversary, are you looking for an "elegant" ambience, or any particular type of decor? Also, how important is decor vs. food quality?

    Hope you have a great time in Los Angeles and Happy Anniversary (in advance)!