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Dec 18, 2007 12:29 PM

NY Foodies- First Time Vegas

Hello all:
Will be in Vegas from 12/30-1/3. Have made one reservation, at Mix. Everything else is up in the air. Please provide some ideas and suggestions at great places to eat that are not outposts of NY restaurants or chefs that we can find here in NY. Exclusively, wonderfully VEGAS. Also looking for some cheap but good suggestions for lunch options, preferably not buffet. However, if you have a not to be missed buffet experience (I've read about the Bellagio) please let me know. We're staying at the MGM Grand. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Now this is just my opinion but you will probably hear a lot of the same.
    Rosemary's (you will need a car or a taxi but well worth the trip)
    Lotus of Siam - Great Thai Food -- reasonable as well
    At the MGM I love Nobhill and thats more san fran than NY so you should be fine
    Firefly-- solid tapas -- opened for lunch or dinner -- short cab ride-- not pricey at all
    Himilayan Cuisine -- definitely not a place tourists would go -- go for dinner -- completely different -- i love their dumplings dipped in curry and mint sauce and verrry cheap --pretty much a hole in the wall.
    Circus Circus Steakhouse-- old vegas but you got to walk thru circus circus
    Bouchon -- Venetian -- great breakfasts but I enjoyed dinner as well
    As far as buffets I am not really a buffet gal but I have enjoyed the one at the Alladin better than bellagio if you can believe it -- not sure it has changed since Planet Hollywood took over -- the crab legs were good and they had a mediterranian section at dinner that had great lamb and tandori chicken

    Now I left all the NY chefs that I love off the list but I dont think you should discriminate if you have a ton of meals to do :)

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      Himilayan Cuisine...I'm interested. Where is it???

    2. Its on Flamingo between paradise and Maryland. Its called Himalyan Cuisine and its a mix of Nepalanese, Himilayan and Tibetan Food. Its similar to indian food but not as spicey and not as much curry but definitely a hint of it. They have a buffet at lunch but don't go to that. THe dinner menu is where its at...I love the turkey filled dumplings, the naans, the spinach in cheese curry sauce ( I always spell that wrong so figured a description is better). They also have this dish that is like tandori chicken fajitas that really was simple but satisfying and went great with the spinach. The also have a lot of lamb, vegetarian and noodle dishes that are solid as well although the noodle dishes were more bordering on chineese lo mein for me to really get into it at a Himilayan restaurant (although my friend who is squeamish about curry based food was down with the noodles so there is something for everyone). Completely reasonable and the staff was very nice .

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        Hey, same block as my new office!! (Surprised I hadn't already noticed it.....) I'll definitely check it out in the new year! thanks!!

      2. If you're sure you want to leave out NY restaurant branches, I'd recommend highly Alex at the Wynn--absolutely wonderful food, service and decor. I was there last week, and it was a very special evening!

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          I know what your saying about leaving the NY restaurants out. I grew up in NY but have been biting my tongue to not tell them what a fabulous meal I had at Enoteca San Marco on Saturday-- I am sitting here at work dreaming about the wine. When my mom first started visiting me out here from NY she would say the same thing -- I am not going anywhere that I can go in NYC --but lately she has been caving and I took her to Craft last time around during restaurant week and she loved it-- I am working on Mesa Grill for her next visit or B&B so she can pick up the tab (Yeah I am a bad daughter -- haha).

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            skip B&B--weird loud music, pretentious staff, slow, overpriced--there are so many better!

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              I was just at B&B and this wasn't remotely my experience. I'd hardly say Jack Johnson and Franz Ferdinand are all that weird (nor were they played all that loud), I thought the waitstaff were a great combination of friendly and professional (a tough balance), and the prices weren't out of whack at all. We had 2 apps, 2 pastas, 1 main, 2 desserts, 2 after-dinner drinks, for under $150. Wine prices were also very fair esp. on the Italian wines, with a lot of selections with some bottle age on them (not often easy to find).

              Having said all that, B&B falls firmly into the category of LV outpost of NY restaurant, so I assume you'll be skipping for that reason anyway.

        2. I don't think I can skip B&B -- the more i listen the good outweighs the bad reviews. And when its on the fence and its someone like Mario Batali I am going to go..fork over the money once and decide myself. If i listened to every bad review on here I would be eating at In and out every night

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