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Dec 18, 2007 12:18 PM

Irving Mill or Blue Hill NYC?

Special occasion. Spending money.
What's the better overall better dining experience in your (humble?) opinion?

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  1. I cannot speak for Irving Mill having not been there, but I will give an enthusiastic thumbs up for Blue Hill which I find one of the best restaurants in Manhattan.

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      haven't been to either but was offered an identical choice for my upcoming bday and i chose BH....

      1. re: TBird

        I've heard Irving Mills was not that good. Blue Hill - on the other hand - is incredible. If its a really special occasion, go to the one in Westchester (Metro North and then a cab). I just went and it was the most amazing meal of my life, no kidding. (And I've been to Per Se, Jean Georges, all of them.)

    2. Skip Irving Mill, at least until they get their act together. Won't go into a rant, or a long review ... just say that they need to work out the kinks. We had to ask the manager to take our order after our waiter forgot about us. My chopped liver, or chicken liver pate (I forget what it was called) was exactly that, no different from what grandma used to make. My wife's octopus came out rubbery, what a waste. The monkfish was rather dry, not really sauced or flavored well. The chocolate bread pudding dessert really runny, not thoroughly cooked. THe menu looked GREAT, they just need some time to get it together. Not writing them off yet. Good celeb spotting though ... won't say who.

      1. Blue Hill by far. Irving Mill is decent but definitely at least 2 steps below Blue Hill.

        1. I haven't been to Irving Mill and our dinner at Blue Hill NYC was too long ago for me to comment on the current status of the cuisine. However, what I can say about BHNYC is that it didn't have a particularly special occasion feel to me. The decor is pleasant enough, but seating is exceedingly tight.

          Since you say you are "spending money," I suggest you consider Eleven Madison Park, Jean Georges, or Daniel, which are, in my view, special occasion restaurants.