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Dec 18, 2007 12:12 PM

Rice Bran Oil at TJ's

I just finished a jar from my cupboard, and now can't find rice bran oil at any of our local TJ's. They all say they discontinued it. They DO carry 19 different olive oils should I need them. Local specialty food stores sell RBO for 4-5x TJ's price.

Has anyone seen reasonably priced rice bran oil? (I live in Calif) I like the bland flavor and high smoke point. Thanks

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  1. If you have a Whole Foods in your area they would probably carry rice bran oil.

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      No, not the demographics to support one. (but we do have stars at night....)

    2. Won't help you out there (I'm in PA), but just as a point of reference I just noticed rice bran oil for the first time in our regular grocery chain here, just yesterday. It wasn't too crazy expensive, although more than the cheapest olive oils I think. Not really TJ's cheap, but I can't remember noticing rice bran oil in our TJ's here. I don't remember the brand, but it was not specific to the store. (I'd know the label if I saw it, but a quick search gave me no clues.) So you may want to keep an eye on your ordinary supermarket or ask someone there about carrying it or ordering it.

      As a side note, I can't figure out the difference between some of the umpteen olive oils at TJ's. Some of the bottles state the same origin, are the same size and the same price but have different bottle designs. Not sure if that's the only difference. Maybe they just make a different one to look nice on the table? Dunno, but I find it strange.

      1. I've ordered oil from these people with very good results. I'm bummed that they're out of their half gallon size now but you might want to give their 12 oz size a try since it's on sale right now. The shipping can be a bummer if you're only buying a little.

        1. Get to an Asian Grocery.Rice bran oil is used in just about every Japanese Resturant to deep fry Tempura. I buy the Ajinomoto brand here in NJ. $3.99 FOR 48 ounces.

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            Hi, Currymouth,

            I too live in NJ and I am trying to find a place to buy rice bran oil. I think you are getting it for a great price, Would you mind telling me where you are shopping? I'd like to pickup a few bottles this month. Thank you!

          2. Sorry for the side-track. What do you use rice bran oil for? How does it taste like?


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              Rice bran oil is mostly used for sauteeing or frying. As the original poster mentioned, it has a very mild flavor and a high smoke point, so you would use it when you want an oil that doesn't affect the taste of the dish.