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Dec 18, 2007 11:47 AM

Senor Fred

I am going for the first time tonight -- are there any "must haves" (or must not haves) on the menu?


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  1. Their Hot Chocolate served with cookies is sooo good! Sorry, that's all we had there one afternoon!

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      1. re: Diana

        The one time that we went we had small, Fresh-Baked Cookies with the tasty Hot Chocolate. Churros does sound like a great option that I'd like to try with it though!

    1. I have only been there once, about a year ago, but was very impressed and want to go back (only yesterday my wife was asking for a high end Mexican food place to take our college going daughter - so this will be the prefect place to take her).

      I had the following dish and it was so tasty I can still remember it quite well:
      Jalisco style slow braised lamb shank in a mild red chile sauce, served with a poblano-goat cheese relleno.

      The braised lamb shank was fork tender, and the chile sauce was just perfect. The goat cheese relleno was the best chile relleno I have ever tasted in 22+ years in LA.

      I remember everything else our group ordered was also extremely good.

      Hope this helps.

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        1. re: silence9

          Hmmm... it has been a while. I think it was lamb, but can't be certain at this point.

        2. re: suvro

          The lamb shank that suvro refers to is reallllly good as is that relleno accompaniment, as is the salmon, as is the carnitas done Yucatan style, and most of that page's specialities, including the crab enchiladas.
          Not a big fan of their typical plates with the usual combinations though. The margs are good enough, and definitely strong enough for me, yet obviously tatertotsrock must have stronger needs in this area than I do.
          The salsa is spicy enough and the chips are addicting, but aren't they always in any Mexican restaurant.
          Suggestion: If you want a quieter table, request one of the two on either side of the entrance to the kitchen in the bar area - much quieter than anywhere else in the restaurant, and you will also get better privacy, if that might be of concern. These booths seat up to 4, or maybe 5 on a very getting to know basis!!!

        3. Eeeew,

          I have NEVER had anything good at Senior Fred.

          If that's your bag, enjoy!....cuz I sure didn't.
          I am so glad I no longer work on that side of town so now I can happily decline the invites to that putrid establishment.
          The margaritas weren't even good enough to get me loeaded enough to mask the nasty food.

          Don't take my word for it since there are plenty of people on this site who say they really enjoy it, but after being dragged there 4x, I can easily say that I really don't like it.

          1. I always order the (pork? I think) wrapped in a banana leaf - it is really fabulous. DON"T order any of the typical greasy-Mexican-food, like enchiladas and tacos, they are boring and not worth it. For greasy Mex in the Valley go to Casa Vega, at Sr Fred's try something different.

            1. Last time I was there, I had the Chilean Sea Bass and it was pretty amazing! The stars were aligned or something cause it definitely hit the spot!!!

              Also, I would have to second the recommend for the hot chocolate...