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Dec 18, 2007 11:18 AM

New York Newbie

Okay, so I looked as much as possible to find answers to my questions, so these are the ones left unanswered by scouring the boards. I will be in town with my boyfriend at the end of January, we are actually staying on Long Island, but trying to be in the city as much as possible. The first problem is that we ain't got much money. We are willing to pay as much as necessary, but we know what the prices are like there... So if an option is a hole in the wall, dive, that is the best, as long as it has a cool new dish, or something amazing...

So we live in Seattle. We have fantastic szechuan cuisine, great ethiopian, tons of vietnamese. We want ethnic dishes that are totally new to us. I know there are tons of carribean and latin foods out there we don't have, what should we try?

On the list for suggestions: latin/caribbean street foods, dim sum, soup dumplings, what else? Where is a no miss, in the price range?

We eat if you have an awesome offal type place, don't hesitate to send it on....

Thanks! Any suggestions about anything will be taken!

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  1. You will get lots of great information here. I'll start off by suggesting a walk down 6th St and 2nd Ave. There are a ton of Indian restaurants from which to choose. The food is cheap, filling and fine. It's fun to see so many restaurants devoted to the same cuisine, located on the same block.

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      That sounds great! We are totally looking for areas like this where we can walk around and look at places! Thanks

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        OMG. Do NOT go blindly down that road. Among the few good restaurants there are a lot of horrendous ones. Absolutely GI twisting. And there's better Indian to be had along 3rd Avenue in Curry Hill anyway.

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          i totally agree with jungman. as i have recommended before on chowhound, definitely try indian curry mahal. it's on 2nd ave and 5th st. great bangladeshi indian! the channa poori is amazing as it the chicken tikka mahkani!

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            Just a slight correction re: Curry Hill restaurants. They are mostly along Lex and side streets, starting in the mid-20's and going up to the very low 30's.

            Here's a list:

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              I second the reply! The food tastes like its been sitting leftover from the lunch buffet.

          2. Take RGR's LES Food Excursion.

            How much are you willing to spend -- $10/meal? $20? "Cheap eats" can mean different things to different people.

            Best under $10

            Rare/unusual ethnic cuisines:

            To get a lot of bang for your culinary buck, and eat great ethnic foods, I'd say report this on the Outer Boroughs boards. You'll have many more options for cheap if you go to Queens.

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              Just as I was getting totally overwhelmed by the Best under $10 list, I got to the bottom and found that someone had organized the list! You guys are great, Manhattan!

            2. Make sure to make a stop at Zeytin for deeeelicious Turkish cuisine at 85th & Columbia.
              You're gonna love it!!

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                1) It's on Columbus. 2) A place that charges $22 for a shish kebab isn't exactly cheap. If the OP wants Turkish, they might be better off at Ali Baba.

              2. There are the Manhattan suggestions. Also try going to Astoria (very close and accessible to Long Island) and go to Broadway, between 28th and 38th Street to have great cheap places. (All different, especially Greek.)

                1. in terms of chinatown suggestions, try the following(all are cheap):
                  super taste or eastern noodles for their hand pulled noodles(eastern noodles also make an amazing potato pork dumpling soup)
                  new green bo - soup dumplings
                  ny noodle town - baby roast pig over rice