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Dec 18, 2007 11:13 AM

ISO Exotic Dinner

I’m in the midst of planning a dinner for four people. Would love to try something exotic/ unusual. Preferably not very loud place, food must be the focus. Currently looking at Typhoon, Dhar Maghred or Romanov.
LA , Pasadena, or SFV areas would be great but will go further for great bites. Would love to do a tasting menu if possible but we can always order a variety of dishes.

Any recommendations?

Many Thanks

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  1. i had a bday at dar maghreb and it was totally worthy. everyone had a great time. the food was good too. this was 8-10 years ago tho. typhoon is ok but not really in the same league.

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    1. re: TBird

      I was taken on a date to dar magreb 2 months ago...nothing exciting, and for sure NOT can get better food at a hole in the wall in Glendale.

    2. Also think about Uzbekistan, Moun of Tunis, Messob or Rahel (Ethiopian), Asanebo (japanese), Musha (izakaya)

      Skip Romanov, review are not all that encouraging.

      I like Alexi greek in Northridge, because they do Greek and a few portuguese dishes.

      The Saddle Peak lodge has a great menu of game meats not served many other places

      1. look no further than phong dinh in rosemead.

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          Boar, kangaroo, ostrich, quail, snake, frog legs and more. You have to wonder if they feed the frogs to the snakes who are in turn eaten by the ostrich who are consumed by the boars perhaps? Or Instead of a turducken you might have a boostrisnog? ;-D

          1. re: Servorg

            lol...actually something like Boosstrisnog sounds perfect :)