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Dec 18, 2007 11:06 AM

Must go to foodie places that are NOT restaurants in Manhattan?

I am going to Manhattan at the end of January and I am certainly looking forward to the food. But I am also going to be doing some general shopping and wondering what are the best sorts of "foodie" type stores I should consider visiting?

I am probably most interested in places that sell non-perishable foods or cooking supplies tools etc.... Any and all suggestions are appreciated!


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  1. Check out the links on this post, as well as the thread in general:

    1. A few off the top of my head ... Despana on Grand Street for great Spanish items. Zabars on the UWS. Bridge Kitchenware for cooking supplies.

      1. You should visit Despana, for some great spanish stuff
        You can try a lot of goodies!!!!

        1. Kalyustans - sp? - the greatest spice market in the world
          Agata and Valentina (unofficially the Italian version of Zabars)
          Zabars (unofficially the Jewish version of Agata and Valentina)
          Garden of Eden
          M3 Japanese on 3rd and 10th (approx)

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          1. re: doona

            Where is Kalyustans? Do they spices from all over the world or is it more specific?

            1. re: nbermas

              A very good spice market for Manhattan, but far from the greatest in the world.

              1. re: Ora

                We LOVE Kalustyans!
                We shop there for spices & rice, etc., even though there are places closer by (in Brooklyn) -
                we do not like Sahadi's on Atlantic ... bad vibes, dust on jars and bags and some really rude sales people.

                1. re: FoodWine

                  wow must disagree on Sahadis! post on the outer-boroughs site if you want more, but the vibes are great, the dried fruits/nuts/spices. etc are really fresh and the prices are amazing.

                  Kalustyans is great on variety for spices AND grains AND all sorts of jarred condiments but the prices are definitely high.

                  I would definitely second DiPaolo's -- try to go at an off time, and, while you are waiting for your number you can pick up a banh min across the street (or just eavesdrop on the customers in front of you, it is a great learning experience). Their eggplant parm might be the best i've ever had.

                  1. re: Produce Addict

                    Or browse the shelves across from the cheese/meats at Di Palo's while you are waiting - I've picked up some interesting things there - a wine jelly, certain pasta shapes, lovely jams and honeys, etc. Also sometimes you can get samples of what other people are trying - I often ask what people are trying and get a bite! Last time I was there, a customer actually gave me his list, so I could remember the names of the cheeses!

              2. re: nbermas

                Yes they do have it from all over the world, and more emphasis on Asian/Indian/Mexican.

                1. re: doona

                  I really like browsing there...

            2. In addition to the above:
              Chelsea Market for a plethora of stores
              Sunrise Mart for Japanese goods and tea sets
              Penzey's for spices
              Asian Market for hard-to-find Southeast Asian goods
              Carry on Tea and Sympathy and Myers of Keswick for UK treats
              Porto Rico for fine teas and coffees
              Schaller and Weber for German goods

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              1. re: JungMann

                I'd add Bleeker Street for the Amy's, Murrays, Depalio trifecta.
                and maybe Broadway Panhandler if you don't make it up to Zabar's.