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Dec 18, 2007 11:02 AM

Chinese Christmas Banquet - DC

My best friend is pregnant and CRAVING chinese food. I'm coming to DC on Friday for a little pre-Christmas celebration and we'd like to satisfy her Chinese food cravings by having a nice Chinese Banquet style dinner; somewhere a bit fancy w/ awesome Chinese food. We've both lived in Asia, so we want more authentic and less "Americanised" and definitely not pan-asian or crappy carryout. She's new to DC and so we're a bit perplexed on where to go. Any suggestions? She's in Georgetown if that helps any, but we'll drive for good food.

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  1. Generally speaking for the better Chinese food you have to go out to the burbs. If you have a car, there are tons of places, if not, your choices are much more limited. If fact, onlya few places come to mind. If you take the red line to Wheaton you can go to Hollywood East (2 locations), Good Fortune, Paul Kee, or China Chef. Of the bunch, I think I would recommend Hollywood East since they have a huge menu. Alternatively, you can take the red line to Silver Spring and go to Oriental East. It's not as great for dinner, but has excellent dim sum on the weekends.

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      We have a car, I would just prefer to NOT drive.
      If we head out to the burbs, where would you suggest? I've been to Oriental East for dim sum and agree it's good but thinking we'd like somewhere different for dinner...

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        You can search this board for many possibilities. Very few are easily accessed by Metro. One that certainly comes up often in such discussions is Joe's Noodle House in Rockville. Very "not" fancy, but really good Sichuan food, with many classic dishes. In Virginia, Hong Kong Palace gets good reviews these days--again, Sichuan. In DC the best option is probably Full Kee--Cantonese. The only good suburban ones you can easily reach by Metro are, as noted by burkemic99, in Wheaton--there are two Hollywood East's, both good--HE on the Boulevard is nicer decor and is probably the one that was being mentioned. Joe's Noodle is close to the Twinbrook Metro stop, but still a bit of a hike and you need to know what you're doing. Another good one is Rockville is Bob's Noodle 66--Taiwanese--also can be walked to from the Metro but again not easily--given that your friend is pregnant, I would think twice about Metro/walking to any of these.

    2. Will there be many in your party? It might be hard to call a banquet with only a couple of people. If you have a table of 10, you can call ahead and speak to the manager about having a special banquet and ordering what you want. As far as restaurants go, in No Va, some place like Full Kee could definitely do it (there is a Full Kee in DC but I've never been and don't know how big it is). Also, China Garden in Rosslyn could accomodate. People have raved about Hong Kong Palace and it's on my list of places to go. But, from the sounds of it, Maryland has better choices. I do like Bob's Noodle house in Rockville.

      1. Seven Seas in Rockville:

        Please go and report back so I'll be inspired to round up friends and drag their butts up to Rockville for this delish Chinese food.