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Dec 18, 2007 10:59 AM

Best Burgers and Fries, North Shore

i was watching a specil on the foodnetwork last night about this GREAT burger joint out on the west coast. Total mom and pop place, that just does a great burger and all other kinds of classic foods.

Got me excited for a good burger and plate of fries...fresh cut, of course.

Any recommendations for a good burger joint on the North Shore?

I LOVE the fries at Uncle Pete's hickory ribs in Revere...and the ribs are FABULOUS too but now I'm craving burgers and fries!

i've read a few comments about Fuddruckers but i'm not big on chain restaurants...


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  1. Fudd's is good.
    10 Center Street in Newbury has a Very Good burger.

    1. Oh God, stop bringing up Hodad's. You're making me hungry! ;-b

      Fuddruckers has one of the best burgers in the Boston area, IMO. Not sure about the fries, though.

      Kelly's on Revere Beach has good griddled burgers, but I can't stand their fries.

      The Grog in Newburyport has excellent burgers and very good steak fries, though I don't think the fries are handcut.

      Tough to get both at the same place, at least north of Boston! I love both the burgers and handcut fries at the Halfway Cafe, but they are all west and south of Boston, at this point in time, anyways.

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      1. re: hiddenboston

        DH and I don't mind making a trip out of a good meal...actually we are looking for a little adventure on new year's eve and a good burger and fry joint would be something we would do (we aren't big New Year's Eve celebrators anyway)....

        thanks for the suggestion....

        maybe I'll get DH to spring for airline tickets and we can just go to Hodad's for New Year's Eve? haahaa :o)

        1. re: lasiciliana

          Not a bad idea. If we weren't going to Newport for New Year's Eve, I'd consider seeing if the GF might be interested in a triple cheeseburger and a drive along the Sunset Cliffs for New Year's Eve. (If you're reading this, maybe next year?? I'll buy!)

      2. I saw that show too. Totally craving a burger now! That place in Meriden CT w/ the steamed burgers looked very interesting...