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Dec 18, 2007 10:47 AM

SF romantic dinner for under $50 for two. Possible?

Ideally, the food would be good and there would be some vegetarian choices. (One half of this anniversary couple is veg) Thanks!

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  1. Not sure of the vegetarian options, but Clementine does a great prix fixe M-Th for $25. Three courses, and very romantic!

    Here is another recent thread to check out on prix fixe options in SF:

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      ETA a link:

      Clementine Restaurant
      126 Clement St, San Francisco, CA 94118

    2. Close to $50 would be The Richmond:

      Maybe Chapeau!, Le Charm, Ristorante Ideale?

      1. Chapeau has an early bird special that would bring you in around $50 with no wine. If you want it to be romantic, be sure to request the table in the front window. Otherwise you're cheek to jowl with your neighbors. Be sure to tell them it's your anniversary--we go every year for ours and they always bring us a special little something.

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          Thanks for the tips. Cheek to jowl definitely won't work for us tomorrow night, so no Chapeau. Any others to give us a little more to choose from?

          Thanks again,


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            No new ideas in SF but I'd second Clementine. When I saw this thread I opened it up all excited to recommend Clementine but I see I've been beaten to it. It's too bad that the weather is bad right now because the back garden at clemetine is great.

        2. Depends entirely on what you call "romantic." One of the most romantic meals of my lifetime was enjoyed on a bench along Embarcadero just a bit away from the crowds of Fisherman's Wharf, sharing a huge Dungeness crab (wrapped in butcher's paper), a loaf of still-warm sourdough bread, and both of us drinking from the same wine bottle. That was forty years ago, and it still dances in my memory.

          Oh, WAIT! It's wintertime! <sigh> Never mind. Got a heater in your car? '-)

          1. Tough to do in SF - I think the other suggestions are all good and point to better value and more elbow room in the Richmond District and/or Sunset (although off hand I'm not thinking of any good suggestion in the Sunset) You can't go wrong with Clementine or The Richmond.

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              Would 24 Oysters and a grilled cheese sandwich at Hog Island count?