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He wants steak, we want seafood.....

Looking for a good restaurant where our son can have his steak and we can have seafood (crab cakes, fish, maybe a lobster tail) in Bev. Hills or adjacent neighborhoods. It's a holiday dinner with Grandma and ancient Aunt. Is there such a thing as sedate AND festive?

It's for tonight, of course. Any input greatly appreciated.

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  1. Nearly every steakhouse offers fish, lobster and crab cakes.
    Think about Cut (if you have the $), Morton's, The Palm, Musso & Frank, Ocean Ave., or Jar.

    1. Mastro's or Cut in BH

      1. Chaya - Beverly Hills (adjacent really).

        It has a Rib-Eye or Filet Mignon for your young carnivore, fish, lobster tail, comfortable seating for those not so young-ens, festive enough for all ages, & although they don't list crab crakes they do have a soft shell crab item. Anyways, a nice departure from the usual steakhouse chain experience:


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            Agree with Mastro's - that's us and our son you're talking about.

          2. GRACE



            I would really go to GRACE.

            At GRACE, you can get amazing meats of all kinds...steaks, wild boar, venison, pork belly.
            You can also enjoy fish that is very high quality and presented beautifully with amazing goodies on the plate.

            I LOVE their sea urchin and rock shrimp risotto and the way they do scallops really knocks my socks off!
            The wine list is spectacular along with the room and the service...it's a grown up enough place without being stuffy but I would not say that it's "sedate"...the room has got a lively, respectable buss to it without being over noisy like some of the new places get complaints for recently.


            1. How about Grill on the Alley? I like the steak and the seafood there. Service is excellent.

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                Thank you all so much! I love Grace and was just there a week ago-very good call. Right now we are arguing (yes silly, tis the season for stress) over Mastro's (never been and I love lobster mashed potatoes) and Chaya (spouse is heavily in favor) and now Grill on the Alley (never been there either and always have been curious) Tomorrow is also our wedding anniversary, so will celebrate tonight (if we are speaking by then).

              2. If you can survive going downtown, try WATER GRILL. The best fish in town, and they have a wonderful steak. sedate AND festive? Very much both. I have been twice the last 6 weeks, both were incredible meals.

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                  I have been to the Water Grill more than any other single restaurant in LA. It's the place I take visiting relatives, celebrate birthdays and anniversaries. I love it.

                  We ended up rescheduling dinner to lunch the next day due to the foul weather. Ended up at Chaya and enjoyed it very much. Crowded with holiday lunching industrites (some of which I knew) and too noisy for conversation with hard of hearing elders. The food was lovely though:

                  Lobster Ravioli in a Mushroom Ragut with Cippolini Onions-plump pillows stuffed with identifiable chunks of lobster, the sauce rich and earthy, slightly sweet. Large Portion-perhaps 6 or 7 ravioli, I am still snacking on the leftovers.

                  Ahi Tuna Burger-rare. Served with excellent pommes frites, crispy, salty and sprinkled with parsley served in a cone.

                  Short Ribs braised in Pinot Noir (no steak on lunch menu) served with spinach and mashed potatoes. I ate his spinach and liked it very much, although a bit overcooked to my taste.

                  Popcorn Shrimp salad-lots of spicy popcorn shrimp sprinkled over a salad of mixed greens, avocado, sweet white corn, herbs, tomatoes all tossed in a creamy tart dressing. My 90+ yr old aunt practically wolfed it down.

                  Soups-Oyster Gumbo and a Vegan Cauliflower-delicious.

                  We skipped dessert but they sounded and looked delicious. Next time....