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Dec 18, 2007 10:44 AM

Need a risotto recipe to accompany lamb shanks

I am making braised lamb shanks this weekend for company, and need a great risotto recipe that would compliment the lamb shanks. Kids will be eating the risotto, so I would like to steer clear of any stinky cheeses if they are the main focus of the dish. Thanks a bunch : )

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  1. How about a wild mushroom or porcini mushroom risotto (you can find many good ones on epicurious); if they don't like mushrooms, you could do an asparagus/parmigiano risotto, that's not too stinky.

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      I recently made lamb shanks with polenta and porcini mushrooms. Excellent. Risotto should be equally good.

    2. Depending upon the flavors going on in your lamb- I am very fond of a saffron risotto, maybe even with some frozen peas

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        Classic Milanese is good, especially if you're doing them in wine. I wouldn't add too much to the risotto (definitely no cheese!) because the lamb is so rich on its own. At the very most, mushroom or peas. But my preference would be without.

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            You wouldn't even add parmesan to your risotto milanese? I always include it--how does it compare without?

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              You're right that there's Parmesan in Milanese. But I would either leave it out altogether and stir in an extra pat of butter at the end or reduce the amount to no more than 1/4 cup. This would only be for creaminess, not really for flavour. If you're serving it alongside lamb shanks, you'd just spoon some of the sauce onto the risotto.

        1. Roasted garlic risotto would probably appeal to kids because of the sweetness - which would complement the lamb nicely. You can roast the garlic, wrapped in foil and drizzled with oill, ahead of time. Make your plain risotto. Near the end, stir in the caramelized, softened cloves of garlic until just incorporated.

          1. How about some roasted root vegetables. Small dice of carrots, parsnips, celery root & whatever else you like...

            1. How about a lemon broccoli or lemon asparagus risotto if they'll eat these veggies?