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Dec 18, 2007 10:24 AM

Los Robles Cafe in Paso Robles

Los Robles Cafe has finally reopened after earthquake damage closed it for retrofit.

They went down to the floor joists--everything is new (they did save the painted ceiling advert murals). New side dining area where the restrooms used to be. New office, new prep kitchen, all new main kitchen. Still a small patio out front for outdoor dining in nice weather. Essenially a Mom & Pop coffee shop atmosphere.

The menu is not that of an a la carte taqueria but that of a coffee shop with Mexican influences. Yesterday's breakfast specials were "flat" steak with eggs and pototoes, and Chilaquiles, in addition to a normal eggs-and-pancakes breakfast menu. Lunch is typical burgers and sandwiches, with a selection of Mexican meals as well. Tacos are served only Thurs-Sunday on the dinner menu. Sat-Sun Menudo and Beef Birria are served with handmade tortillas. Homemade tamales are also on the menu (chicken, beef, pork).

Open 7 days 7 a.m. till 2. Dinner from 4 till 9 (?) Thurs through Sunday. (limited menu)

Yesterday, I had a cup of beef soup--just the ticket on a cold, damp day. Small chunks of flavorful and tender beef shared the bowl with nicely cooked (not mushy) pototes and carrots. The broth was intensley beefy. What flavor! No overpowering herb or savory veggie flavors. I'd love to know the cut of beef he used.

The soup came with the lunch entree I ordered--Garlic Shrimp (and rice and beans) The seven shrimp were big and plump, fresh-flavored. The sauce was slightly tangy as if it had some vinegar in the deglazing liquid. Lots of nice soft garlic. The owner gave me a hand-made flour tortilla (left from Sunday's Menudo menu item) to try. It was lovely, soft and toasty. The beans and rice were ordinary., nothing special. I had high hopes after the soup!

I've been waiting for them to reopen, and would like to go back to try the breakfasts, which are served all day. We may have a new breakfast stop for our marathon drives to Chico.

Hope others try some of the menu choices and report.

Los Robles Cafe
Spring St, El Paso de Robles (Paso Robles), CA 93446

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  1. Last Saturday we headed for La Plaza Del Sol Market at Spring and 15th for the al pastor tacos only to find that the food service in the market was under new ownership and is now an Italian Deli. Did notice that they had breakfast burritos in the case.

    On the way there we saw a sign for al pastor at Los Robles next to the old Fox Theater that is being renovated. I had confirmed that they prepared the meat on a spit so we ended up splitting 3 al pastor tacos and the Mojo de Ajo. Tacos came with a grilled wedge of onion, radishes and cilantro accompanied by a nice brick red salsa and and a thin green, which seemed a little salty, but had nice heat. LadyPB proclaimed the camarones excellent, even better than her prior favorite from Don Pepe's in Fresno. I thought the al pastor also rivaled DP's. and will definitely return. A torta was also available but seemed a little pricey @ 7.95.

    Los Robles Cafe and Restaurant
    1420 Spring St.

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      PB if you like al pastor and your in Merced J&R tacos 437 W. Main. Order the Gringa & ask for an extra sauce.

    2. If memory serves, this place used to have a really wonderful green chili omelette - which is one of my favorite things.