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Dec 18, 2007 09:40 AM

New Years Eve Dinner- New Hope/Lambertville

Will be staying in New Hope over New Years Eve weekend. Looking for an EXCELLENT meal. All price points and cuisines OK. Would prefer an a la carte menu. Only criteria is that it can't dissappoint!

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  1. In New Hope I would recommend the Inn at Phillips Mill, very good food and BYOB in a lovely setting. Marsha Brown's is also good as well and in a cool setting (old church). Across the river in Lambertville you'll do much better. I would recommend Hamilton's Grill Room, Manon, No. 9, Siam, all of which are BYOB. Hope this helps....

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    1. re: Schpsychman

      Which has the nicest ambiance out of Hamilton, Manon & No. 9 ? Its hard to tell as the later 2 do not have websites...

      1. re: stack_c

        I would say Hamilton's or Manon, though they are quite different. Hamilton's is much larger than Manon. It has nice murals on the walls and is a classy place (though not stuffy at all). Specializes in grilled meats and seafood, somewhat pricey but wiorth it. Manon is a very small, candlelit restaurant with a limited, but very good, French menu. Very romantic in my book but, as I said, on the small side so tables are closer together. No. 9 isn't big on ambiance but the food is creative, inventive, and very good. If I had to pick for NYE for food and ambiance I guess I would choose Hamilton's. There is a lovely and romantic bar (Boathouse Bar) right across the courtyard from Hamilton's where you could have a romatic after dinner drink. Hope this helps....

        1. re: stack_c

          I just wanted to chime in that I agree that out of the three Lambertville suggestions, Hamilton's has the nicest ambiance. And we love the Boathouse across the courtyard. But there have been other threads here on CH where some people are saying that they feel that Hamilton's has gone downhill in the past couple of years (I haven't been there in at least a year, although the last time we were there, we were quite happy.) Just thought you might want to do a search to see what people have been saying.

          As for the Boathouse - it is not very big - I would expect that it would be quite crowded around the holidays - just a head's up.

          1. re: flourgirl

            I agree. Hamilton's was not the best experience in terms of price, quality or portion for our Christmas Eve eve dinner of two years ago. But, I don't get over there enough to be well versed in all available..

            Having lived in the area 25 years ago, I long for another 1986 New Year's Eve dinner at the Forager House along Rt. 32 on River Road between New Hope and Washington's Crossing. What happened that night is a true memory. If anyone else was there that evening and remembers the....... OK, lets not go there.

            So sorry. I'll be good now.