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Dec 18, 2007 09:16 AM

thick, sweet hot&sour soup in Philadelphia/Main Line

This may be blasphemy to true believers, but I like my hot & sour soup pretty thick and relatively sweet. Anyone know of such a thing in Philadelphia or the Main Line?

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  1. Here you go: the most disgusting hot and sour I've ever had (which matches your description...) is served at the KOP Mall food court - the bigger of the two malls, on the second floor. I think it's called Master Wok, and there's another Master Wok location at Liberty Place.

    And you'll also like the hot and sour at China Palace (?), a little hole in the wall on Rte. 30 in Wayne, right before the Whole Foods.


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      Thanks, I'll give them a try! :)

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        Edit: The place on Rte. 30 is called Chinese Delight.