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Dec 18, 2007 09:11 AM

L'Angolo v. Cucina Forte

Basically I'm in college and have NO idea what to do about dress codes for restaurants as I mostly stick to take-out. Somehow I got myself in over my head with a friend and am now going on a date. I'm about to call for reservations, but, I'm currently at work in nice jeans + a button down t-shirt. Fail or pass dress code at either of those? If it's a failure, other ideas?

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  1. No problem at either. In fact, no problem at 95% of Philly restaurants.

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    1. re: asb165

      Awesome. I FINALLY got an answer via phone @ the restaurant and they confirmed it. Thanks for the response!

      1. re: AARF Guy

        Which did you decide on? L'Angolo is one of my favorites in the city.