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Jul 29, 2000 04:18 AM


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Best meal in a long time last night at Ammo, on Highland.

Sweet pea and arugula puree soup to start-- in a white earthen bowl broad enough to get your hands around. Just hot enough for me.

Grilled ahi with white beans and mint, and sautee 'teardrop' tomatoes. Al dente, and perfectly salted. Does anyone else find fear of salt an annoyance and a disappointment?

only concerns:a) waiter from palermo heard asking woman at adjacent table if she was 'still working on it'; b) place closes at 10 on weeknights, but would be well-placed to meet local need for later options: even 11 weeknights/12 weekends would be something. Come on, LA. 3) liquor license pending; now byo.

I'd love to hear other reports.

Great light, great noise, great tables, space, and future, I hope, for this really outstanding place.

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  1. Had fantastic meal at Ammo earlier this week. Table shared the tuna tartar (good) and the bruscetta (great). Entrees included very moist turkey meatloaf with horseradish mashed potatoes, half roasted chicken (good not great) and the house specialty - seared ahi. Will definently go back soon.
    - oh yea, I could have made a meal out of the cheese flat bread that they put on the table.

    1. Don't limit yourself to dinner. Their lunch menu overlaps with dinner, but less expensively (you can still get that sick Portobello/zucchini lasagna). The breakfast burrito is a standout in the mornings. Also, treat yourself to their elixir drink, the "Virtual Buddha" -- sort of a new-age, ginsing martini with fresh honey.