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Dec 18, 2007 09:02 AM

Magic Hat No. 9

Was out for drinks with one of my buddies and we were talking about beers and drinks in general (the main part was my bemoaning the fact that they don't sell Yuengling in GA where we are moving in a few weeks) and he brought up a Virginia brew called Magic Hat No. 9. He recommended it pretty strongly.

So I'm at home the next day and looking for something to have with a snack (just crackers and chicken salad, it was already made and I was lazy, hah). Open the fridge and see the usual stuff, Yuengling, Michelob Ultra (my mom drinks it), and a few bottles left from a Microbrew mixed pack. Turns out one of them is the Magic Hat. So I figure what the hell, I'll try it.

It was very tasty. A very good beer for with an afternoon snack or if it's warm out. It had a fruity taste to it (infused with apricot or something so it makes sense) but not overwhelmingly so. Just thought I'd mention it in case anyone else sees it on the shelf and wonders if it's worth a try, I say yes.

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  1. The Magic Hat Brewery is in Vermont, not Virginia. Their other varieties are just as tasty.

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      My bad, he had bad info then. Still tasty.

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        Being from Vermont magic hat #9 is kiddie juice to us. Coming of age on 9s appealing fruity flavorf I have since moved on, as it just dosent do it for me now, but Magic hat does rock as it is from my town Burlington VERMONT and they do know how to keep it local up here. If you like the apricot taste of #9 you will LOVE Ithaca brewing companies apricot ale... Ithaca New York that is... sorry B-town but those new yorkers have us beat on the apricot beer... cant beat "our" ball boys though (red socks nation)

        1. re: culinaryculture

          #9 is what really introduced me back in the day to craft beers or just beers that were a little bit different.

          although I may be guilty of beer snobbery, I still admit that I am a huge fan of #9 and roxy rolles. still to this day havent had jinx.

          1. re: yankeefan

            I do like Roxy Rolles.. I first had it at the brewery actually and was taken aback by it... brought a bunch home. As for Jinx... not so much. I wouldnt rush out to buy some. There is something just weird about it. I have had some of their "mystery batches" that were much better.

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              just had jinx out of their mix pack, you are dead on right. not very good or exciting. roxy rolles still happy to report as delicious.

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            Ithaca Apricot Wheat is my favorite beer. I enjoy #9 as well, but you can't beat Apricot Wheat! (as long as you like the apricot flavor, if you're looking for a more subdued apricot than you might prefer #9)

        2. Welcome to the world where beer actually has flavor. Plenty of flavorful beers out there besides MH #9, (some are made in GA even) so keep exploring the world of beer and discover its endless possiblities.

          At a local beer bar last Friday night, a random guy mentioned to me and my wife that he just had an epiphany while trying a microbrew. He said he has been an exclusive bud lite drinker since he started drinking beer and just happened to want something different and spun the wheel of beer and took a chance. Ah, it warms the heart during this holiday season to see the lights go off in people's head when it comes to beer and they start to realize all the great flavors they have been missing by sticking with that one industrial lager their whole life.

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            Thanks. And it's not the first beer I've had that "has flavor". Just thought I'd pass along a comment about one I'd never heard of before. You're right about there being some good ones in GA. Terrapin's new Wake and Bake (released just a week or so ago, was at the party) is a very tasty stout, and likely to be enjoyed by those who aren't big stout fans. You can clearly taste the coffee in the flavor, but I love coffee so I was okay with that. Oddly a stout with a coffee focus managed to get rid of the bitterness that I have difficulty enjoying in so many other stouts.

          2. I thought #9 was a bit shapeless and muddled (maybe that's appropriate given the Beatles song its name alludes to). I did like Magic Hat's apparently discontinued Heart of Darkness stout, also their Jinx smoked ale.

            1. Magic Hat has a lot of good beers. My current favorite is Circus Boy, but I'm a fan of hefes.

              1. It is the beer that got me started and turned me toward craft beers and to a bit of a beer nerd. Great ale and welcome to the great world of beer.

                Im not a huge fan of all their offerings, but #9 and Roxy Rolles are top notch.