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Dec 18, 2007 08:55 AM

Stonehill Tavern -- what is appropriate amount for gift certificate?

I hope someone from this area can help me. I don't live in CA but my sister does, and I'd like to buy her and her husband a gift certificate to the Stonehill Tavern in St. Regis.

Does anyone know if $150 would be a good amount for two people to dine there? They would probably spend their own money as well, but I just didn't know if $150 would be considered too little or what.

I don't often eat out at places at this price point, but I think they only go out to places at these prices.

Thank you!!

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  1. I think that's enough. Entrees are between $30-$50. Apps to share, about $20. Dessert is in the teens. Assuming they don't get wine, $150 can pay for a nice dinner for two with tax and tip.

    Of course, if they are total gluttons like we were, they can go over easily.

    This meal for three (detailed below) was about $290 with tax and tip (no drinks). And we had leftovers.

    1. Although you used the cliched "Price Point" phrase (my pet peeve) I gotta say you are an awesome person! What a cool gift!

      I would be safe and get her a $200 or $225 gift cert.

      Or, give Stonehill a call and ask them the average price of a nice dinenr for two with tax, tip and drinks.

      1. Need a new friend? Oh well, $150 should be fine, and a great gift.

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          I agree. $150 is a good and fine dinner date. I can see myself even getting away with $100, actually, if no dessert. It's a pricey place, but it's not Urasawa.

        2. Thanks, everyone, for your comments. Turns out I can only get a general gift card to the St. Regis resort (which would cover the restaurant) so now I'm not sure-- I would sort of like a gift certificate to that specific restaurant, because I know they go to the St. Regis regularly but mostly use the spa and I really want them to try the restaurant.

          1. For two with wine I would suggest more than $150.