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Jul 28, 2000 10:27 PM

Anaheim/Placentia restaurants

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Hi, just found this site. Great resource!
Found 2 restaurants in the Anaheim area right away, Mexican and Thai. Will try them. Anymore? Italian, Mexican, American, any ethnic if fine. Don't live in the area but travel there from Northern CA 4 times a month, so I eat out a lot. Have tried all the chains, ugh! I stay away from Disney area...too touristy.

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  1. I remember a place not too far from Anaheim, a little ways up I-5. It's a steak place in La Mirada, near Valley View Ave. called North Woods. Actually, having looked it up on, as Jim so often suggests, I can see that there are four of them, all around LA. Anyway, our football coach took some of us there a while back, and I remember having one of the biggest, juiciest steaks I've ever had. The atmosphere was nice, too, if you're into a cabin or lodge-like setting. It was tricky finding it because I wasn't coming from the freeway, but it was definitely a favorite of mine. Long since removed from the area, I still remember it pretty well.

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      Thanks for the suggestion. I remember going to a North Woods probably 25 years ago; I think in Pasadena.
      I'll give it a try. Thanks again.