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Dec 18, 2007 08:46 AM

All Clad Pot vs. Creuset Dutch Oven

Hi all,

I'm debating whether to invest in a Creuset Dutch Oven. I have a smaller cast iron DO, but use that mostly for camping. I'm thinking of getting a larger CDO to make pot roasts and braised chicken dishes.

My question is, I have a pot from my All Clad set, so do I really need a Creuset Dutch Oven? Both can be used on the stove top, then transferred to the oven for low heat braising. What, if any, benefits does the DO have over the All Clad Pot?



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  1. Do you "need" it? Probably not. But you know you want it. The major benefit of the LCDO over the AC pot is that the LCDO goes directly from oven to table--and looks great. Don't you think one less pot to wash is excuse enough?

    1. I swear by my CDO for pot roast and stovetop to oven cooking. I have a large All-Clad pot but actually don't use it that much. Maybe for larger chilis and stews. Except for the REALLY large chilis and stews (sometimes I get too excited about adding "a little extra") and then I have to move to my 8 1/2 qt. Le Creuset Boullabaise pot.

      1. Of course you don't need the LC dutch oven. Any old cast iron dutch oven is fine. The big advantage cast iron has over All Clad is the heavy lid, which is only an advantage if you are using it outdoors in an actual fire where you might actually heap coals atop the thing...

        1. I own sets of both, and agree with all the other posters, but want to add that when my Le Creuset pots are full, they're harder to handle for us old folks with arthritis.

          I prefer LC over AC for deep frying, though - it retains oil heat better.

          1. There are those who favor one over the other. I personally prefer the All-Clad for one simple reason: it's SO much lighter than Le Crueset's.

            Other than that, these are two outstanding performers, on par with one another. If you already have the All Clad, no you don't need another. But sounds like you want it.