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Best Steak or Prime Rib in East Bay?

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My husband loves steak & prime rib. I'd like to take him to a restaurant we haven't been before - preferrably in the East Bay-- Tri Valley area. He likes House of Prime Rib, Ruth's Chris. Saw reviews for Hap's, McNamara's, Forbes Mill. How do these compare (taste, price, atmosphere)? Where would you want to go for your birthday?

Thanks for your help!

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  1. have never been.. but Walnut Creek has a Flemings -- sorta close to Tri Valley area.


    1. There is a Ruth's Chris in Walnut Creek and Vic Stewart's in Walnut Creek

      1. My husband is also a big steak lover so we have been to most of the steak places in the Tri Valley. For a special occasion, I would go with McNamaras. The food, service, wine list and ambiance are top notch. I really like their NY strip with the bleu cheese topping. Hap's is also good but the last time I was there, the service was so so at best and the food came out lukewarm.

        As far as Forbes Mills, definitely the most expensive of the bunch. I have been there 3 times. The first was fantastic, the next 2 not so much. Our last time, the service was terrible. Waiter gone for long periods of time. 20 minutes to get a bottle of wine and marginal food especially for the high prices. What was interesting was that there seemed to be several other tables that were complaining, looking for the manager etc. For those prices, I would go to Ruths Chris or to Flemings.

        Another alternative would be Izzy's in San Ramon. Not a special occasion place but fun atmosphere and really good food with much lower prices. Their Izzy's ptotatoes are fantastic and I have enjoyed the filet there as well as some of the seafood dishes. The bar is quite lively and fun with a piano player most nights.

        1. We enjoyed a very nice evening out at the Bing Crosby restaurant in Walnut Creek. It's not exclusively a steakhouse, but it offers a number of steak options. My SO is a huge steak lover, and was happy with Bing Crosby's. The restaurant also has a nice swanky atmosphere.

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            Forgot about Bing Crosby's. I agree that the food is really good as is the people watching. I have heard that the cocktails are good there as well although I am not a cocktail drinker so I can't say first hand. Definitely a fun and unique as well as high end atmosphere.

          2. Cafe Rouge is well-liked by someone i know who likes these restaurants.

            1. I had some of the best prime rib I've ever had (and I grew up in Kansas City) years ago at Casa Orinda in.....well, you can figure it out. They're probably better known for fried chicken but this was some seriously good beef.

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                Prime Spot Bar and Grill,3417 Grand Ave,Oakland,though perhaps not a destination spot for a special occasion birthday has fabulous,tasty cuts of prime rib,chicken,ribs,various meats and fish.Chef Darren Cheng does a wicked blackened ahi tuna w/wasabi cream and tomato/cucumber salsa with rice or garlic mashed potatoes.The atmosphere is warm,red and rosy.The sister/brother owners,Diane and Kevin,along with their staff are friendly and inviting.You'll pay half the price of the above mentioned restaurants.Enjoy!

              2. Vic Stewart's in Walnut Creek is a right solid steakhouse deep in the heart of the East Bay. For $75 or so you can try to finish their Famous 49er, a thick-cut 49oz porterhouse that is one of the tastiest over-sized steaks I've ever had. Finish it [and the sides!] and you get your name on a plaque.

                That sounds like a fun birthday dinner for most gents, no?

                1. Thank you for the great suggestions!! Lots of great options. My hubbie will be happily surprised...