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Dec 18, 2007 08:09 AM

Fresh-cut pasta in Austin?

Is there a store/place where I can get freshly cut pasta? I know a lot of grocery stores sell stuff in the fridge/freezer aisles that has been packed into plastic boxes, but now that I know what I'm missing, I want the real deal. I'm talking about a place that makes sheets of fresh pasta on a regular basis and then cuts the sheets to your desired shape when you order them. Thoughts?

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  1. Try Pasta and Co. on Kerbey Lane just north of 38th. The make fresh pasta almost daily, and can and will make special orders in addition to the varieties that they already have.

    1. i want to say pasta & co. on 38th would fulfill your needs. try giving them a call and see if they have what you're looking for. good luck!

      1. Pasta and Co. looks perfect, thank you! And thanks for the link, ktown...I can't wait to check this place out!

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          Pasta and Co. also brings several kinds of fresh pasta to the sunset valley farmer's market every saturday as well. I pick one up every week and have been very pleased.

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            Lola, that's really great to know, b/c the Sunset Valley Farmer's Market is another new place I'm planning to check out! I'm really excited about fact, I think I'll start another thread asking for favorite goodies from the Market...


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              Have you ever tried one of their lasagnes? I am looking for a good lasagne I can pop in the oven for Christmas Eve.

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                Their lasagnes are very good. Although you can only buy their pre-made ones frozen. If you call ahead and special order one, they might make you one fresh. The other thing is that their frozen ones tend to be smaller sizes for only 3 to 4 servings, which can be an issue if you are trying to feed a large group. But they might make you a larger lasagne if you ask them. I like their lasagne verde, and their lasagne primavera is a good veggie option with mushrooms and zucchini.

        2. Mandola's Market has fresh pasta. Unsure if they cut to order.

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            It looks like they might, from their website. Have you tried any of their breads? I'd love to know about their focaccia and whether they have any breads on the softer side...

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              I have not, but they're usually not shy with the samples, so it might be worth asking. Maybe stop by after the Triangle Farmer's Market on Wednesday evening, Pasta & Co. is usually there too.

              1. re: Aloo0628

                Mandolas makes excellent bread. My understanding is they literally brought their own breadmaker into town because he was top notch. I believe I saw him referenced/profiled in an article recently in the chronicle.