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Dec 18, 2007 08:04 AM

Hilton Head Island Rec's

I am returning to Hilton Head Island in June for the 4th time, this time with my extended family. It will be a group of my mom, my sister and her husband, their 2 teenage daughters, my wife , and our one and a half year old daughter. In the past when I have gone we have enjoyed the Old Fort , and the happy hours for crab legs, shrimp, and chicken wings. Other meals were less memorable. I am looking for the following assistance:

We are renting a home in the Plametto Dunes area of the island, and I am of course looking for some rec's for lunches, happy hours, dinner, and drinks. Any new spots, and reviews of peoples favorites. Old Fort is already one of the evenings dinners. We are looking for places that have local cooking, seafood, and not to pretentious.

Since we are renting a home with a pool, and its own bbq, I am looking for a source of local fish, & other products to cook at least one dinner at the rental house.

I have looked at the other threads about Hilton Head, and made notes, I am just looking for the most current info. As you can see I want to have a plan in place, and menus, and restaurants researched in plenty of time before we go.

Thanks for any help.

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  1. I go to Hilton Head five times a year and I always go to Santa Fe Cafe. They have an outside veranda upstairs with live music. All their food is consistent and exceptional. Try the parmesan crusted grouper and the sweet potato nest. I'm envious of you, I miss Santa Fe. Cheers!

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      Next to the Guld coast of Florida, and Hawaii, Hilton Head is my favorite place to go in America or internationally for that matter. Thanks for the the Santa Fe Cafe Rec. I will put that on the list for a dinner, or maybe some drinks.

      Thank you..

    2. We've always found the Piggly-Wiggly market at Coligny Plaza to have a good selection of fresh, local seafood.

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        thank you,

        I am also looking for a farmers market if one exists on HHI. SInce I have a grill, and a pool at the house, I can see a coulle of dinners or lunches out at the pool in the plans.

        Keep the recs coming..

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          Farm Stand (I haven't been, but was given this information before our last trip): Mr. Grant on Squire Pope Road, North End of the Island, just past Hudsons, before Bermuda Point. It is on the left with an American Flag near the drive. Open seven days a week from 9 to 5.

          Someone on the message board suggested a place for fresh seafood to cook at home, but I cannot recall the location (we didn't make it there either). Several of the locals on that board should be able to help.

          Our two favorite meals during the week were Santa Fe Cafe and Sage Room. I am almost finished with all our restaurant reviews on my blog, but those two stood out (Michael Anthony's would be third). Everything else was, as you mentioned, less than memorable.

          We ran out of time to try Old Fort Pub, but that is on our list for the next trip!

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            redfish. old fort pub is good too. captain's seafood has good divey seafood (although i've only been once since they moved to the coligney area and i'm not as certain about it).

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              Captain's seafood went downhill when it moved, for good divey seafood go to The Sea Shack on Pope Avenue Exec. Park Rd. Another good seafood lunch option is Captain Woody's in Palmetto Bay Marina.

              For a nice dinner my two favorite restaurants are Sage Room and Santa Fe. If possible try to reserve a seat at the chefs table. It is an awesome experience. If you call this far in advance they should be able to accommodate you but it usually fills up fast. Santa Fe is wonderful as well. Go for dinner not just drinks. These two are a staple for good dining out on Hilton Head.

              If you are looking for a great farmers market try Cahill's in Bluffton off of Hwy 46, great veggies and jams and jellies and such. If you are looking for fresh seafood go to The Bluffton Oyster Factory right up the road from Cahill's. Both places are family owned and operated. I have known the owners since birth and they will take great care of you. If you must stay on the mainland (not recommended, go to Bluffton for an afternoon) you should go to Benny Hudson Seafood and Mr. Grant they are a stones throw apart from one another.

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                Sage Room is good, just be warned that the "chef's table" are actually high stools at a bar facing the grills and ovens.

                The ladies in our party in their dresses did not want to be sitting on stools, and the heat from the cooking implements was somewhat oppressive. We asked for and got a table from a very accommodating hostess.


                For other comments on HHI, well, you already said you did a search, so you've seen our thread.

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                  I'm a fan of both Benny Hudson's and the Bluffton Oyster Factory..Calhoun St in Bluffton is worth the drive.

                  There's a small farm right next to Benny Hudson's..that sells to the public.


        2. We went for the first time this past Jan and found several good spots. The group' overall fave was 211 Wine Bar & restaurant which was in a shopping center south of Palmetto Dunes where we also stayed. Not only did they have a really good wine bar w/ about 75 choices by the glass, but the food was delicious as well; beef eaters said it was the best they had eaten in years. Another great spot for a casual lunch or dinner is Kenny Bs i think it's's truly authentic New Orleans creole food; the gumbo is as good as the Gumbo Shop in the quarter. Also had a fun meal at a tapas place near the bridge from Bluffton and a decent meal at Old Fort Pub except some goofy boys from Yale came in caroling (it was after xmas no less....) and were looking for money! i was kind of offended!
          If you haven't done it before i'd recommend taking the ferry over to Daufuskie island one day; that was truly a fun time visiting a time and place from yesteryear.