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Dec 18, 2007 08:03 AM

Lexington Kentucky:Unknown Authentic Mexican[Taqueria,Carneceria,Tienda]

I'm searching for authentic Mexican food in Lexington,Kentucky.Hole in the wall style Taquerias,Meat Markets and small Mexican grocery stores where I can lay in some provisions for my Mexican food deprived friends and family.

I know there's been a big influx of Hispanic immigrants in the last few years so there's bound to be an attendant growth in grocery stores and what have you to feed la Raza.

Spanish speaking only?Not a problem.Barrio location?Actually preferred.Location a little rough around the edges?That's where I do my best work.

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  1. There's La Favorita, which is out Alexandria Dr., I think. One on Waller Ave., right past the Health Dept. Those are the only ones I've been to, but there are tons around. A web search might do you, or pick up a copy of La Voz.