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Dec 18, 2007 07:56 AM

Anyone experiences with Chinatown Panang?

Wow - nothing comes up on a search so...has anyone experiences to report for the Panang Restaurant in Chinatown (not the similarly named Thai restaurant on Chicago Av)??? The Chinatown one has Malaysian food, and I am thinking of trying it. Thanks.

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  1. I've tried both the Penang in Chinatown and the Penang on Chicago Avenue, plus the one in New York. Unfortunately there are no authentic Malaysian/Indonesian restaurants in Chicago. I've been to a couple in New York and absolutely loved the cuisine. I went to the Malaysian Fest in Daley Plaza a few months ago and asked the Malaysian organizers if they could recommend a decent restaurant that serves their native eats. I came up cold.

    Your best bet for finding this incredible food is to crash one of the Malaysian parties.

    1. I've eaten there 3 times total at the Chinatown Panang since they've opened. Each time, I tell myself... I'm not coming back here again and as you can tell... I forget, go back and make the same vow. Only, this time... I remembered!
      The food was very oily/greasy/heavy even when I ordered a dish that seemed relatively healthy (fish, vegs, mild spicy). The service was not so good. We were one of four tables during dinner time on a Thursday night. It was as if we were intruding on their time. Forget asking for more tea or water.
      I would say... sorry... For Malaysian food, try looking elsewhere. Panang is overpriced, not that tasty with smaller portions and lacks good service.

      1. Definitely siding with Ling Ling here. The food is ultra greasy, but I chalk it up to my not being with familiar enough with Malaysian cuisine (the malaysian I had in London was the same way.)