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Dec 18, 2007 07:52 AM

Anyone been to Avenues recently?

I have family coming into town and we have made reservations at Avenues. Has anyone been recently and does anyone know what the price points are for their degustation menus? I vaguely remember someone telling me it was ~$100 for the 5-course and ~$160 for the next one up - is this about right?

Also, if you have been recently and have anything to add, I'd love to hear it! :)

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  1. I have spent the last year working at Avenues so I will refrain from anything but factual information, though I wish you a lovely time.

    Depending on the night of the week and the business, Avenues typically offers three fixed price dining options; five, ten or fifteen set courses offered at 120, 150 and 175$, respectively.

    In the past, three a la carte courses were also available at 90$. Generally the hostess, Emily, is available each day they are open (Tues-Sat) after 3 pm to aide guests with more specific dietary or menu requests.

    Guests interested in dining at the open kitchen bar should indicate this desire at the time of their reservation, as there are a maximum of 6 seats available.

    The restaurant's number is 312.573.6754.

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      is the menu for the kitchen bar the same as the rest as the rest of the restaurant?

      1. re: DukeFan

        Yes, it is.

        As an additional bonus for Kitchen Bar diners, Chef also offers tastings of any of the menu's dishes at the bar for 17$ per tasting portion. These smaller portions are the size of those from the 15 course (Chef's Repertoire) menu.

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          Thanks for the info - much appreciated!

          1. re: shouzen

            And the food is just amazing. The best meal I have had in Chicago, although since the menu changes often I don't think anything I had would be served when you go.

            A 10 course meal with wine pairings after tip/tax it came to around $650 for two. Unclear if they still offer wine pairings, but I'd recommend it if available.

            Personally I would also eat at the Kitchen counter if available.