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Dec 18, 2007 07:44 AM

Guilty Pleasures?

Because we can't always drop $$hundreds$$ for a simple meal...

Burgers: Johnny's at VicPark/Sheppard.

Breakfast: Jim's Restaurant, Logan/Queen.

On Yonge just south of Bloor is a Greek/Medeterranian restaurant on the corner, I think it's called Fallafel Plus, that serves great food, their dinner combinations are very hearty. Open late, and the guys that work there are good guys.

Bier Market? Nah.. BEER STATION, Bloor W. just east of Bathurst. Lots of cheap cold beer and they always have the fight network, soccer or some interesting sportscast on one of their numerous flatscreen TV's. Not a bad seat in the house. This place was a summertime staple for me.

Donlands/Danforth - SquareBoy. No one is too good for SquareBoy.

I bet few will agree with me, but I don't care, these are MY guilty pleasures and sometimes all I want is cheap comfort food/drink.

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  1. Lunch(available only Wed-Sat) at Brandt Meats warehouse counter in Mississauga.German HDL done right with hyper-fresh wurst, schnitzel,salads, spud pancakes, kraut, and all the trimmings. Not everyday fare but when you need it, well...

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      Fried Mac N Cheese bites at Zelda's- Artery clogging bliss

      Nachos with chicken and extra cheese at Hard Rock Cafe - gooey overpriced goodness!

      Tres Tacos at Sneeky Dee's - They bake the tacos with a bunch of cheese. The common theme here so far is gooey cheese!

      Bread Pudding at Swan - My fave dessert in all of Toronto.

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        1. - sugared jam donut and coffee at dimpflmeier bakery in etobicoke
          - halibut or bean burrito from burrito boyz
          - homemade brownie at remarkable bean in the beaches
          - chicken cutlet sandwich at california sandwich
          i could go on, but I'll stop :)

          1. Rahier pain au chocolat and a latte (ideally from Manic)...halibut burrito from Burrito Boyz...waffles with fresh fruit and honeyed ricotta from Bar Italia (used to be better, though)...and er, um, uh, Swiss Chalet. Plenty more where those came from but that's a good start...