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Dec 18, 2007 07:42 AM

Christmas Stollen w/ Marzipan?


does anyone know where one can get a Xmas Stollen

(dense german pastry dusted with sugar)

that is filled with, specifically, with marzipan?


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  1. I would think that Alpine Village would have them. Maybe even Berolina Bakery in Montrose, but I would definitely give them a call. Schreiner's is a German Deli next door to Berolina, they may have it, but I would not guarantee that.

    1. I've had one from Whole Foods in years past, but can't recall if I have seen them there this year since I wasn't looking for them.
      I am a big marzipan fan too, and was happy with both the flavor and texture in the WFs stollen and the nice amount inside.
      Good luck!

      1. Trader Joe's has it in the bread section. Kinda hidden so you may have to ask.

        1. Costplus has it. We've been enjoying it for breakfast the past couple of mornings.

          1. Shoop's Deli on Main is Santa Monica has the largest selection of Stollen that I have seen, including some with Marzipan.